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Brazil investigates cause of acute hepatitis in children

Dogs are often susceptible to two strains of adenovirus, one of which causes infectious hepatitis. Source: S&D

The Brazilian government announced that the country has established a special department, with the participation of experts from the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), tasked with tracking and investigating cases. acute hepatitis in children.

The creation of this department is intended to make recommendations to doctors throughout Brazil, as well as to contribute to international efforts to identify the causative agent of acute hepatitis of unknown origin in children.

Brazil has recorded at least 44 cases of children with acute hepatitis of unknown origin, accounting for about 12% of the total number of cases worldwide according to preliminary statistics of the World Health Organization.

Dengue fever outbreak in Singapore

Dengue fever cases in Singapore surpassed the 8,000 mark in the first five months of 2022, surpassing the 5,258 reported cases for the whole of 2021.

Brazil investigates the cause of acute hepatitis in children - Photo 1.

Mosquitoes transmit dengue fever. Photo: Reuters

Last week alone, Lion Island recorded 1,055 cases, with 280 outbreaks. Singapore officials consider this a concern because it is not yet the peak of the dengue fever season in the country, which usually runs from June to October every year. The cause may be due to warm, rainy and humid weather, which creates favorable conditions for mosquitoes to breed. Singaporean authorities recommend that people keep their places of residence and workplace clean, and promote mosquito control and spraying activities.

Malaysia recorded a sudden increase in the number of foot, hand and mouth infections

Malaysia’s Ministry of Health said that the number of foot, hand and mouth infections in the country has increased dramatically since the beginning of 2022 until now, when nearly 28,960 children were infected, nearly 7 times more than the total number of cases in 2021. .

Experts say, this is due to the reopening of all economic and educational sectors and the resumption of face-to-face teaching and learning, both at the preschool level, as well as the operation of care facilities. child care.

The Malaysian Health Minister also noted that when life gradually returns to normal, people need to maintain personal hygiene, especially in the context that during the past two years, people have only focused on dealing with the COVID-19 epidemic. -19 instead of other illnesses.

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