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Can grilled pineapple alum cure kidney stones?

Many people self-treat kidney stones with grilled pineapple alum, but experts warn that these oral remedies can actually damage the urinary system.

There is no “magic potion” to cure all stones

According to Associate Professor, Doctor, Doctor Vu Le Chuyen, Center of Urology and Nephrology, Tam Anh General Hospital, many people come to the hospital to check for kidney stones in the state of urinary tract complications due to urine stagnation and infection. long-term accompanied by severe stomach ulcers. Exploiting the history, the patient said that he had self-treated at home with folk remedies such as eating grilled pineapple with alum.

Alum is put into the pineapple steamed water, drink the water and eat the whole fruit. The course of treatment is applied continuously for about 7 days. A large number of other patients used remedies from psyllium, cypress root, cat’s beard grass, papaya, seed banana… Even, there are cases where the remedy instructs the patient to go on the road, reach up and pick them up. a medium-sized bamboo branch to bring home to cook drinking water to cure kidney stones.

The treatment of kidney stones with natural herbs has been handed down for a long time in folklore. Most take advantage of the diuretic’s ability to help expel stones. This is also a conservative treatment mechanism for small urinary stones, located in a favorable position for expulsion.

“However, due to many influencing factors, including randomness, the patient who urinated on stones while taking any herb would also label it as a remedy for kidney stones. This is not true, causing kidney stones. This leads to misunderstandings, affecting the detection time and effectiveness of treatment,” said Associate Professor Vu Le Chuyen.

Many people with kidney stones have severe stomach ulcers from eating grilled pineapple with alum, but the stone is still the same size.  Photo: Shutterstock

Many people with kidney stones have severe stomach ulcers from eating grilled pineapple with alum, but the stone is still the same size. Image: Shutterstock

Assoc. Prof. Chuyen emphasized, in fact, there is no plant that can cure all types of stones as it is said by word of mouth, because gravel is the crystallization of solid molecules, created by the deposition of inorganic substances. muscle in the urine. The most common components of stones are calcium phosphate, struvite, cysteine, uric acid. If gravel is formed in an alkaline environment, it will easily decompose in an acidic environment. In contrast, gravel formed in an acidic environment will easily dissolve in an alkaline environment.

The doctor recommends, the treatment of kidney stones depends on the stone, not the wishes of the doctor or the patient. The doctor considers the treatment regimen on many factors such as the size, position, influence of the stone on health… Self-healing of kidney stones at home without being examined is very dangerous, making the urinary system The urinary tract is destroyed and other organs are also damaged.

Fewer and fewer people need kidney stone surgery

Vietnam is one of the countries located in the gravel belt of the world due to factors including: climate, environment, eating habits… In contrast, in the Americas and Europe, it is more common. types of urinary tract tumors.

Associate Professor Vu Le Chuyen said that fewer and fewer Vietnamese people have to treat kidney stones with surgery. About 90% of stones are passed through the urinary tract naturally, without the need for any medication. Patients have no specific symptoms or only feel painful urination, painful urination or transient back pain when expelling small stones, about 2-3 mm.

The development of modern medicine, with improved imaging equipment, also helps to detect kidney stones earlier and have a conservative treatment plan, without the need for surgical intervention. According to Associate Professor Vu Le Chuyen, the doctor only appoints surgery when the stone is 0.7-2 cm large, located in positions that obstruct the flow of urine. Without early intervention, the long-term blockage can cause the kidneys to become waterlogged, kidney function declines leading to kidney damage.

Associate Professor Vu Le Chuyen (middle) performs laparoscopic kidney stone surgery at the Center for Urology and Nephrology.  Photo: Tam Anh General Hospital

Associate Professor Vu Le Chuyen (middle) performs laparoscopic kidney stone surgery at the Center for Urology and Nephrology. Image: Tam Anh General Hospital

In some other cases, the stone grows quickly, spreads to the renal calyces to form coral stones, causes kidney infection, affects kidney function. When the stone moves down the ureter, bladder causing kidney storm pain or urinary retention, the patient needs to be intervened early to avoid complications that can lead to kidney loss.

At the Center of Urology and Nephrology, Tam Anh General Hospital, patients will be lithotripsy outside the body by pulse machine (ESWL) when the stone is less than 20 mm in size. This method is non-invasive, requires no anesthesia or sedation, so the patient can go home the same day. The doctor can also choose the option of removing stones through a small tunnel or endoscopic lithotripsy with soft bronchoscope, if the kidney stones are not complicated or the patient has other underlying diseases…

Although uncommon, open surgery may still be indicated for the treatment of large stones that are difficult to remove or when less invasive methods have failed.

“Kidney stones are a common disease and are easily detected by means of imaging diagnostics. Patients should not self-treat at home, especially according to unproven medicines. Good. It is especially important to proactively check your general health periodically or as recommended by your doctor, as soon as possible.When the stone is small and has not yet destroyed the kidney, the treatment will be simple, gentle, inexpensive and effective. higher results”, recommended Associate Professor Vu Le Chuyen.

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