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Cheeky robber snatches iPad from 7-year-old boy’s hand in Ho Chi Minh City

Recently, on social networks appeared a clip recording a young boy’s iPad being stolen by a man, making viewers extremely angry.

Specifically, when standing next to 2 people women In an alley, suddenly a man riding a motorbike approached. Right after that, he reached out and snatched the iPad from the boy’s hand and quickly increased the gas to escape.

Suddenly robbed, the boy and the two women did not react in time. The entire incident was recorded by surveillance cameras.

It is known that the incident happened on May 8, at alley 460, Kinh Duong Vuong street, An Lac A ward, Binh Tan district, HCMC.

More information on the People’s Public Security, Ms. LTĐ. (SN 1988, living in District 10) confirmed that the boy who was robbed in the clip above is her son, 7 years old, in 2nd grade. According to Ms. D., on the afternoon of May 8, she picked up her son after school and drove him from District 10. through Binh Tan to give things to his biological mother.

When Ms. D. and her mother stood talking, her son took an iPad (worth about 12 million) to play when it was robbed. Ms. D. Reported to the police.

From the image extracted from the clip, Binh Tan District Police quickly identified the culprit as Nguyen Van Tai (SN 1988, living in District 6), so they organized a search and arrest.

At the investigative agency, Tai confessed that he had committed a crime, the iPad he stole was sold by Tai for 2 million VND and spent it all before being arrested. Tai had two previous convictions for the crime of “robbing property”.

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