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Chronic back pain, shocked man discovered he had a tumor in his kidney – Life Health

Sunday, May 15, 2022 01:00 AM (GMT+7)

Back pain has many causes, not just due to degenerative back disease, people need to pay attention.

Mr. Chen (60 years old) in China is a photographer who loves to go out with his friends. In 2016, he was low back painwhen he went to the hospital, he was diagnosed disc herniation lumbar spine.

Because he often works outside, Mr. Tran’s low back pain symptoms recurred many times, and over time he also got used to this condition.

In 2017, Mr. Tran went to the hospital for a routine check-up and discovered that he had a 3cm cyst in his left kidney. The doctor suggested that he observe more symptoms, if he found anything unusual, he would re-examine.

He said he had no other discomfort. In recent years, when he went to the doctor, he was also informed that he had cysts smaller than 5cm in size, so he was subjectively not interested.

Chronic back pain, shocked man discovered he had a kidney tumor - 1

In the past 2 months, Mr. Tran feels that his lower back pain is getting worse and worse. When he goes out with friends, he cannot move in time. He suspected that the herniated disc was more severe, so he went to the hospital for rehabilitation treatment and was prescribed some medications to take at home.

At the beginning of this month, Mr. Chen went to Wuhan Central Hospital for a routine check-up but was told that the cysts in his kidney had grown to 10cm, and needed to be treated as soon as possible.

On May 4, Mr. Tran went to the Nephrology Department for treatment. After examining the doctor, he discovered that the cysts had pressed on the kidney very seriously.

“10cm kidney cysts are rare in clinical practice. If it breaks, it can cause a serious infection.”Dr. Tran Van Le, head of the Department of Nephrology, said.

Mr. Tran’s low back pain may be caused by kidney cysts, not simply low back pain caused by spondylosis.

After a thorough discussion, Mr. Tran agreed to undergo surgical treatment, hoping to shorten the progression of the disease.

Doctor Tran Van Le said, for kidney cysts larger than 4cm, percutaneous ultrasound and fluid aspiration method can be used to aspirate the fluid in the cyst. This method can effectively relieve symptoms.

On May 6, experts from the Department of Nephrology and Ultrasound successfully performed an aspiration surgery for Mr. Tran and extracted 350ml of fluid from the kidney cyst.

After the surgery, Mr. Tran’s symptoms improved significantly, his daily activities were not affected much, the skin wound quickly healed and he was discharged from the hospital.

Doctor Tran Van Le reminds everyone that a symptom can be caused by many causes. It is better for everyone to have regular health checkups, especially for those who have been diagnosed with the disease.

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