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Close-up clip of the most beautiful Ky ​​Co beach in Vietnam, enchanting water

In the summer, clips and images of Vietnam’s seas appear densely and frequently in newsfeeds or trends on social media platforms. Thanks to this algorithm, many beautiful and unspoiled beaches and islands are known to more people. A video about Ky Co beach (Quy Nhon) is going viral thanks to its clear blue water and enchanting landscape.

Clip of clear blue Ky Co sea water (Source: @thodiaquynhon)

The clip was taken by a canoe tourer from the mainland to Ky Co beach, in the water close to the shore, Ky Co’s water is still clear and blue, you can see the bottom. The waves are gentle, far on the shore is a smooth golden sand beach, quite a lot of tourists are having fun.

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The short clip depicts truthfully, without colorful editing, making viewers express their interest:

– “I went once, at that time seasickness came to Ky Co so I woke up, the waves were very calm”.

– “Quy Nhon has many beautiful beaches, many people do not know”.

– “On Ky Co is still very wild, the most developed service is canoeing out here, playing for a day and then returning”.

– “The future will develop dramatically, this landscape cannot be wasted”.

Ky Co is often associated with Eo Gio into a sightseeing cluster Ky Co – Eo Gio is located at the foot of Phuong Mai mountain, Nhon Ly commune, Quy Nhon city. Ky Co beach is picturesque with blue water – pale yellow sand, along with rocky beaches and mountains close to the sea. The ideal time to travel to Ky Co is from April to September because it is sunny, less stormy and the seabed is airtight. The beach is located 25km from Quy Nhon city, visitors can take a canoe or go on land by taxi/motorcycle.

Some pictures of tourists checking-in at Ky Co (Photo: @motogo, @tien_han99, @ltth.__)

Close-up clip of the most beautiful beach in Vietnam, the enchanting water of the swimming pool is far behind - Photo 4. 20220514172736459.chn

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