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Coach Mai Duc Chung: “Thailand is not as strong as in previous years”

The Vietnamese women’s team has achieved many goals in the victory over Cambodia. That is not getting booked, not getting injured and scoring goals. Coach Mai Duc Chung affirmed that his team has achieved the set goal.

Coach Mai Duc Chung:

Thanh Nha is confident when being the main kick. Photo: Doan Anh Duc

The young players launched by coach Mai Duc Chung have completed their tasks well and closed the gap with the official position.

Coach Mai Duc Chung said: “Young players like Thanh Nha and Van Su are still a bit limited, but they have played with more confidence. That’s good news for the team.”

Regarding the case of Hai Yen, coach Mai Duc Chung was very excited because she got the goal: “I planned to only let Hai Yen kick the first half, but Yen hasn’t scored yet, so I kept it on the field. Yen’s goal from the 11m mark will help quench the thirst for goals and find the feeling of scoring again. Yen will be the spearhead to play next to Huynh Nhu in important matches of the Vietnamese women’s team.”

Talking about the opponent in the semi-finals, the captain of the Vietnamese women’s team said: “I don’t have to choose an opponent because with any team we need to win to protect the SEA Games gold medal. However, I noticed that Thailand is not as strong as it used to be. If in the past, fighting with Myanmar, they would dominate and win easily, but now it is different, Thailand has difficulty before Myanmar and is divided by the opponent. However, the Vietnamese team always respects all opponents and focuses well to go to the final match.”

Coach Mai Duc Chung also revealed that, in this match, he let many players of Vietnam Coal and Mineral Club play because to thank the love of Quang Ninh fans who have always enthusiastically cheered for the team.

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