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Dinh Ngoc Diep’s terrible education few people know

Dinh Ngoc Diep (born 1984) is a famous Vietnamese actor and model. She also worked in journalism for a while. After many years of participating in the arts, the 8x beauties have won many achievements, such as: “Miss Tay Do” in 2004 and the Vietnam Model Award 2006 for the category “Beloved Model” favorite of the year”.

Dinh Ngoc Diep also participated in many famous films including: Heaven Wedding Dress, Love Story from Abroad, Bride of War,… Currently, Dinh Ngoc Diep rarely participates in art, she retreats backstage, living a happy life. happy with her husband Victor Vu and 2 children.

This actress is beautiful, everyone can see clearly, but few people know, she studied EXTREMELY well: 10 points in Literature exam, valedictorian to enter the University - Photo 1.

Dinh Ngoc Diep and Victor Vu.

It can be said that Dinh Ngoc Diep is one of the beauties with a very fulfilling career and private life. Not only that, the beauty also has a terrible education. Few people know that, before being famous, Dinh Ngoc Diep used to have “not average” academic achievements.

Graduated from high school with 10 points, was the valedictorian of university entrance

When she was in school, Ngoc Diep used to be a beauty queen and was very good at Literature. In the high school graduation exam, the 8x beauty got 10 points in Literature and the university exam got 9.5 – a huge positive achievement. Wife Victor Vu then matriculated into the Faculty of Journalism – Communication of the University of Social Sciences and Humanities of Ho Chi Minh City. She was also the first valedictorian of the school’s D block that year.

Ngoc Diep once received a scholarship to study in Russia, majoring in high-quality Literature (only 20 places are available for valedictorians and runner-ups) but refused because journalism was suitable for her dynamic personality. . During her time at school, the 8x beauty collaborated with many newspapers.

By the time she graduated, she worked as an official for Young Fashion magazine and collaborated a lot for television channels. This is also the time when Diep has a predestined relationship with the acting profession.

It is known that Dinh Ngoc Diep also graduated with a double major in International Relations. She also studied for a Master’s degree in Communication at the University of Stirling in the UK.

Talking about learning, Dinh Ngoc Diep once shared: “Never think that having a university degree will give birth. We can stop going to school, but we can’t stop learning”. She also confided: “I want my life to be told like a story about a little girl who rose up by her own ability. And to do that, there is only learning.” diem-van-thu-khoa-dau-vao-dai-hoc-20220515135705537.chn

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