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Does the underground storm reflect reality or… “too boring, turn off the TV”?

The movie is so expensive… the audience turns off the TV

As one of those who agree with Yen Le’s readers through the article ‘The more you watch’Underground storm‘ the more pale, the more long-winded episodes cause inhibition”, Nguyen Uy Hung shared: “There was an episode that I thought was too ridiculous, so I turned off the TV”.

This is probably not strange to the TV audience watching “Underground Storm” when many people are upset about the hotel in the movie. Readers nicknamed “Sweet Grapefruit” asked: “In detail, when Mr. Duc visited Hung in the hospital (episode 55) twice, he called Thuy Lam, not understanding due to negligence or Mr. Duc knew about his background. Lam’s?”

Song Cai’s friend is also frustrated with this hotel: “The film is done quite recklessly, and the details are not worth it. For example, in episode 55, Ha Lam plays an assistant named Thuy, the boss calls her real name Ha Lam, saying that she is going to Saigon on a business trip. If the tycoon knew that Thuy was Ha Lam, she would have “faded color”.

Citizen friend shared: “Perhaps this movie should also stop at 53 episodes… The later grains of the film are more and more, forever the Gypsy dared to blatantly spy on the police force and Do the police have to hide, run into the alley to escape so that the gangsters crash cars into people and beat people like that?”.

Meanwhile, Phi Yen analyzed: “Not only is it boring, boring, and ridiculous, but many details are not professional! A capable drug investigation policeman preparing for the position of Head of a department of a department but a little angry by his girlfriend went out drinking to the point of getting drunk, unconscious, and went to bed with a female colleague. ? An inter-national drug lord who recruits his sister-in-law – an extremely easy-going assistant and then delivers all the important reports to… to serve the investigation! It’s comedic.”

Similarly, another audience member commented: “It’s ridiculous for a crime movie to include too many emotional details. The young actors have a rough, awkward acting style that is not suitable for each character’s personality. The problems seem to be solved too simply when you want to put anyone in, you can get in right away, if you want to pierce someone’s nose, you can pierce it right away, despite the old foxes like the boss or his assistant.

With each specific character, there seems to be no disguise or concealment necessary, but just a glance to see the essence through every smallest action. The placement of scouts when infiltrating a criminal organization is arranged too simply, based on the personal relationships of young children, and is easily accepted by both the system and the situations that are accepted. transient response to specific details.

The medical profession also seems to have no expert advice when the disease in children that causes frequent hospitalization is a rare disease that is not in the literature and is not common in children. The disease “chronic pneumonia” never before seen in the literature now appears in a child and can be treated very simply. In short, the script is shoddy in terms of details. Just love the edgy style of the older actors in this movie.”

Police soldiers watching movies… what do you think?

That is the question that reader Van Tran asked when sharing his perspective with VietNamNet: “I completely agree with Yen Le’s above opinion. Indeed, a film bearing the imprint of a particular profession in a particular industry does not allow such people in the film. The content of the film needs to be clear, the character’s personality must show the bravery of the police soldier. I don’t understand what the police soldiers will think after watching the movie?”

Reader Hai “only finds it interesting and attractive when the provincial police leaders work and handle the situation. The investigation and reconnaissance work is not reasonable. Especially the female police officers, who snatched their lover, who developed feelings for the subject. How to handle the situation of these two female police officers like children.”

As a police officer, reader Bui Toan expressed: ”I am a retired senior police officer. When watching “Underground Storm” from the first episode to episode 25, I don’t know if it’s because of the script or the director or professional advisor, but there are many absurd and unprofessional details in the movie. Especially the way they address themselves in the movie as “society”. For example: Major General Director of the Provincial Public Security, who often talks about the officers under his command as “guys” and other, almost never in real life. In such cases, the script or the director could have used “Mr X” or “Mr Y”… it would reflect the communication culture of senior leaders in the police force. .

Chulieu Chulieu shared: “I was watching it, excitedly, and suddenly there was a love scene that lost the image of Hai Trieu. Then the brazenness of the female police officer makes the film boring … losing its attractiveness, no longer looking forward to watching like the first episodes.”

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Actor Cao Thai Ha in the movie “Underground Storm”.

Trananh Le carefully analyzed the flaws in the script, the core content of the film as well as the absurd details from each character: “I watched episode 50 and didn’t want to watch it anymore. Don’t understand what the movie and novel authors want to convey to the audience? Is the film educational and true to nature of art? Do the characters in the film reflect the image of the people’s police soldier? Ignoring the villains of the police force such as: Colonel Tuat, Captain Lam, let’s take a look at a few highlights of the main characters:

– Hai Trieu: undisciplined, lack of bravery in life: angry with his lover and then in bed with colleagues; I don’t love Hai Yen, but I’m not definitive either.

– Ha Lam: without the slightest bit of courage, fell in love with Hai Trieu without knowing who he was? Again, I fell in love with the subject I was approaching, Dr. Hung, but did not fully understand him. Is that kind of girl an easy life, loose or not?

– Mr. Hoach, Mr. Ha: not able to grasp subordinates like Tuat, Lam… Knowing Tuat’s relationship with the giant Quach Dai Duc … also did not have any control or supervision? If the police force is like that, how can they achieve feats?

I don’t understand the novel either Underground storm According to which school: revolutionary literature, critical realist literature or romantic literature…? I didn’t understand what the idea of ​​this work was, so I decided not to watch it anymore to avoid being annoyed.”

“Rarely good crime drama”

Completely contrary to the above “picking up” or criticizing opinions, a large part of the VietNamNet audience supported “Underground Storm”. Readers from the email address *** expressed: “For me, this is a good crime drama rarely seen on Vietnamese television. The scenes are of a very high technical level, not as showy as many other films.

The film depicts very realistically, but with little personification, the characters are perfect but not realistic like most other movies, making the characters too artificial, feeling disappointed. In short, the movie is very good. Thank you to the screenwriter, director, camera technicians, actors… for letting us see the best crime drama ever.”

Agreeing with this opinion, reader Ho Bich affirmed: “The movie is good and attractive! The screen and real life will have something different, only fictional art will attract viewers.”

Readers reading email address: [email protected]… wrote: ”I noticed that the articles of readers and many other comments were full of criticisms of the film but did not see a single word of praise. In my opinion, it’s a very good movie. If you feel the show is bad, you don’t have to watch the rest of the episodes to avoid discomfort and other favorite viewers continue to watch.”

Readers with phone number 84983010… voiced their support for the film: ”In the film, there are many actors from the South to the North participating in acting, many people have sympathy for the actors in the film. For example, actress Cao Thai Ha, before accepting the role, she went to Hanoi to attend a martial arts class for 3 months to serve the role that she only took on.. and many other actors performed excellent roles. mine…”.

Any primetime movie has to face compliments and criticisms from the audience. The reason is that each person’s perspective is different! Just hope that the film producers, directors, actors… all ask for the audience’s suggestions to make the film better and better!

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