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Fate comes from a status line

Ms. Nguyen Thi Huong (SN 1991, hometown of Quang Ngai) – the girl suffered burns to 90% of her body and Mr. Le Minh Thai (SN 1989, Quang Ngai, currently working as a shipper) has beautiful love story like a fairy tale that many people admire. For them, appearance is never a barrier to happiness.

Experiencing dozens of surgeries after suffering severe burns at the age of 10, Huong’s face was covered with scars. Self-deprecating in appearance, the young girl has never thought of falling in love or marrying someone. However, fate arranged and brought Mr. Thai to her side.

The two fell in love thanks to a group of compatriots in Quang Ngai on the social network Facebook. Mr. Thai said, at that time, Huong posted a status line about other girls, not herself. After reading it, Mr. Thai immediately sent a message to express his agreement and support for this point of view.

The love story of a girl who burns 90% of her body and a shipper: Fate comes from a status line - Photo 1.

The couple met each other through social networks

After that, the two talked and got to know each other. From the very beginning, Mr. Thai went to his personal page and knew about Huong’s situation, but to him “appearance is not important”. Seeing that Huong is good-natured and simple, he decided to push their relationship one step further.

Talking on the phone for a week, the two had their first date at Le Thi Rieng Park (Ho Chi Minh City). Due to low self-esteem, Huong did not dare to pull down her mask to drink water. Seeing this, Mr. Thai encouraged and gave the girl an affectionate look to make the girl more comfortable.

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Mr. Thai and Ms. Huong get married in 2020

After knowing each other for a month, Mr. Thai officially confessed. Although she sympathized with the other party, but because of low self-esteem with her own appearance, Huong shook her head and refused. However, Mr. Thai still tries to prove his sincerity. The times the two went out, before the questioning eyes of people, Mr. Thai did not care, still holding his hand tightly, holding his girlfriend in his lap.

On social networks, Mr. Thai did not hesitate to publicly post photos of the two and affirm to his friends “Huong is the person he loves the most”. All these actions beyond mere love moved the young girl’s heart.

After a period of love, Mr. Thai quickly informed his family. A boy knows a girl with a defective appearance, and Thai’s parents just ask: “Are you sure you’re marrying someone to carry the blame, think twice”. Receiving the consent of his relatives, Mr. Thai did not wait any longer, immediately proposed to his girlfriend. The two hold their wedding in 2020.

Up to now, the couple has been married for 2 years and is expecting their first child in the most natural way. Mr. Thai confided that in the past, he worked in all kinds of professions, but after getting married, he focused on working in one field to take care of his small family.

The love story of a girl who burns 90% of her body and a shipper: Fate comes from a status line - Photo 3.
The love story of a girl who burns 90% of her body and a shipper: Fate comes from a status line - Photo 4.

The couple has been married for 2 years.

Currently, Mr. Thai is a shipper and buys and sells liquidation items, and Ms. Huong works as a worker at a garment company in Tan Binh. The couple’s life is not too rich but always filled with happy laughter.

Sharing more, Mr. Thai said, the two have many things in common, so it is easy to understand and sympathize with each other. The daily life of a young couple is to cook breakfast together and then go to work, whoever comes home first cooks, washes dishes, does laundry…

After having a small nest, Mr. Thai also refrained from drinking with friends for fear of his wife being sad. “Now I’m a married person, with a wife. Every time I have fun, I think about my family, think about my wife’s unhappiness at home, so I enlisted to go home, I didn’t want my wife to be sad. The two of us were always there for each other. live, do not rush and make noise”, Thai said happily.

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