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Female model looking for a boyfriend with standards that make everyone fall.

Every girl has implicit requirements for her lover or future husband own, what people often call “gu” of the sisters. Each person will set different criteria. Some people like handsome, others like mature men with stable economy. With her, she wants her boyfriend to be very gallant and romantic, knowing how to pamper her lover. Some people “love” smart men.

So is intelligence a trait of a “dream” man of every girl? Not every girl knows, but for female model Candice Kloss, this is a prerequisite. She once shared with Jam Press that she would never waste time with an “ignorant” man.

Candice Kloss is a female model currently living in magnificent New York City. Last year, she was in the media spotlight for revealing that many men were “afraid” of her intelligence. This time, Candice continues to be featured in many articles because of the statement that she will never give a chance to any less intelligent man.

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So how to test the intelligence of a new man? Candice frankly shared that in first datethe man had to take an IQ test on the paper she provided.

Thought it was just a joke, but Candice is really serious about this. When asked how many IQ points are enough to pass this “test”, Candice said just above average is fine.

As we all know, IQ is a test of human intellectual ability, and an IQ score between 120 and 140 points will be considered extremely intelligent. Those who score above 140 are considered geniuses. With Candice, surprisingly, she achieved an extremely high IQ score – 136 points – at the age of 17 and was added to the group of 2% of people with the highest IQ in the world Mensa.

Therefore, Candice’s request to men in the first meeting is not too difficult to understand. Sharing the reason for making this request, Candice said: “I don’t want to waste time being the main reason. You know, when we are in love, we have to be in harmony in the way we think and communicate. The ideal man for me should at least understand what I’m sharing. share.

My hobbies and interests are math and science. I have been passionate about researching and researching these issues since I was in school. I also love talking about behavioral economics. The IQ test is just the beginning to find potential matches. I expect my Romeo to be knowledgeable about political issues, current affairs and have a good background in mathematics, science and economics to have a “talk” with me. In addition, I am often attracted to people who are delicate, quick, and have a good sense of humor.”

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The difficult requirements that Candice makes are indeed not all men can meet. But Candice completely has the right to set her own “cocoon” standards for boyfriends because she is a girl who is not only beautiful, attractive, smart but also has a successful career. Candice is an Instagram KOL, a TikTok star.

When she introduced herself as a model, many men looked down on her because they thought that beautiful and attractive girls and models were often less intelligent. Candice said she did not want to argue.

She also found it quite interesting, because then she would have a chance to prove to men that they were wrong to underestimate her. Candice is an extremely confident person. She added that: “After the IQ test, the second factor is to never look down on others.”

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