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From the traffic collision, the Mercedes driver chased, hit and killed: Don’t “lose” each other in traffic collisions

When participating in traffic, if there is a traffic collision to avoid unfortunate conflicts, it is advisable to avoid the situation of “win and lose” just for the sake of “solving more damage”.

To avoid collisions that lead to unfortunate things happening in traffic accidents, share with PV Infonet, Lawyer Diep Nang Binh – Head of Tinh Thong Law Office, recommends that people in traffic should behave in a civilized manner.

The case of the Mercedes driver chasing and fatally crashing: Resist, don't 'lose', get excited when you collide on the road!
The driver of the car was beaten by a group of people.

According to lawyer Diep Nang Binh, in recent years, traffic safety is a big and complex issue of concern to the whole society. Although on some roads, there are propaganda banners and slogans with content about traditional culture, such as: “One person obeys traffic laws, brings happiness to many people”, “Traffic safety is happiness for everyone”, “Traffic safety is everyone’s responsibility, everyone’s happiness”… these slogans are both propaganda, reminders and also a warning to road users to always strictly abide by the regulations in order to bring safety for themselves, their families and society. . However, the consciousness and culture when participating in traffic of many people are in a dangerous situation.

“The main cause of traffic accidents in our country today is the low awareness and culture of traffic participants. There is a paradox that every year the percentage of families being awarded the certificate of “Cultural family” is relatively high, but when it comes to traffic, many people still behave uncultured.

Many people in traffic still drink alcohol, beer, swerve, hit a hammock, accelerate recklessly, don’t wear helmets, run red lights; Children under age to drive also participate in traffic control; many drivers stop or park illegally.

Moreover, when a collision or accident occurs, instead of having an appropriate behavior culture, they curse, rush into fights, destroy other people’s property, causing insecurity and disorder, causing traffic jams. communication and lead to other illegal acts”, lawyer Diep Nang Binh stated.

From the traffic collision, the Mercedes driver chased, hit and killed: Don’t “lose” each other in traffic collisions
The recent shocking incident, from a conflict when participating in traffic, a group of motorcyclists assaulted the Mercedes driver, smashed the car, the owner then chased the attacker causing the murder on the road. Phan Thiet city street, Binh Thuan province.

For example, the most recent incident happened in Phan Thiet city, Binh Thuan province. A conflict occurred between Mercedes-Benz driver Pham Van Nam (SN 1979, hometown of Ninh Binh), while participating in traffic, the car nearly collided with a motorcyclist. The incident wouldn’t have been said if the group of motorbike riders hadn’t chased after and attacked the Nam group.

And there would be no unfortunate incident after that if Nam was able to get out and then got into the car to drive around and crash into a group of motorcyclists as Ha Xuan H. (SN 1979, living in Phan City Thiet, Binh Thuan) died on the spot.

From this case, lawyer Diep Nang Binh recommended: “The first and most important way to handle a traffic accident is to stay calm. We can’t change what happened, so we need to calm down to stop the car, assess the situation and handle the next steps. At this time, we need to try to maintain our psyche, control our emotions, and avoid agitation, whether you are at fault or not.

Many people will get angry when they have a traffic accident. Being impatient, agitated, arguing with other vehicle owners does not bring any benefit. Which only makes things worse.

Note that even if the accident is not your fault or just a minor collision, you still need to stop the car, absolutely do not drive away when a collision occurs. This is to make things clear and avoid complicated investigations later.

In case of being bullied or attacked, try to stay in the car and call the police and police 113 or ask passersby for help to avoid being agitated like the driver in the section. clip in Binh Thuan recently.

When watching the clip, it was found that just because of a traffic collision, the people involved could not keep their composure, leading to a very unfortunate consequence that someone died. This is also a lesson for people in traffic, no matter how much they collide, it is also up to the competent authorities to arbitrate, they cannot use violence to solve the problem.”

Also according to lawyer Diep Nang Binh, if the investigation results show that the driver of this car had the purpose of ramming the car into the desired victim or ignoring the possible death of the victim, this is determined to be an intentional fault. With the intention of taking away the victim’s life, this act fully satisfies the constitutive signs of the crime of “Murder” as prescribed in Article 123 (Personal Code 2015, amended and supplemented 2017).

If prosecuted for murder, the Mercedes car will be identified as the vehicle of the crime and will be confiscated to state funds if the driver is also the vehicle owner. From that lesson, we need to behave culturally when participating in traffic, avoiding the situation of “win and lose” with each other when collisions.

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