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Google removes nearly 900,000 apps from Play Store

Like Apple’s recent move, Google will take measures to address outdated apps (old or not receiving updates for two years) on the Play Store.

According to GizChina, with this action, Google is expected to remove about 869,000 apps from the Play Store, while Apple removes about 650,000 apps. Report of CNET said Google will hide these apps, making it impossible for users to download them until the developers update them.

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Google wants to make sure the apps on the Play Store are updated to keep users safe


The main reason both companies give for taking these measures is to protect the safety of their users. Outdated apps don’t take advantage of changes to Android and iOS, new APIs, or new development methods that provide enhanced protection. As a result, outdated applications may have security issues that new app than none.

Some developers have complained about the plan to remove apps that have not been updated on Play Store in two years. They argue that the actions of Apple and Google are unfair.

Earlier, Google also introduced additional restrictions for users of its digital store in Russia as developers will not be able to upload paid apps and update them in the English version. Russia’s Play Store. Even so, users can still download free Android apps from the Play Store in Russia, while apps and paid games that the user previously downloaded continues to work.

Finally, Google notes that the current situation tends to change rapidly, and that further changes to the company are still possible in the not-too-distant future. The company will notify users of all innovations on their support page.

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