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In the middle of the night, the son-in-law called his father-in-law to say “return the daughter”, his reaction caused the groom to fall back-Young –

Sunday, May 15, 2022 16:00 PM (GMT+7)

In the middle of the night, he called my biological father on the phone. He told my father that he “gives his daughter back”.

In the night, the son-in-law called his father-in-law to say

I was very angry because my husband slandered me but didn’t know what to do. (Illustration)

I’ve only been married for 2 years, but I feel tired and stressed at times. My husband seems to be a different person after the wedding day. When he fell in love, he proved to be a psychopath, but when he returned home, I was disillusioned.

He is a patriarch who despises his wife. The day we got married, it was he who suggested that I stay at home to take care of my husband’s family and raise children. However, a little bit, he reprimanded me for only “plagiarism”. Unable to stand my husband’s complaints, I decided to go to work. My income is gradually higher than yours. But everything in the house is decided by my husband. In order to keep the house warm, I also don’t want to fight with you.

On both sides, he often shows contempt on the outside. He can give his parents tens of millions of hands without regret, but with his wife’s parents only a few million, he also grumbles. So every time I wanted to give it to my parents, I had to hide it from my husband.

Being patriarchal, my husband often drinks alcohol. Whenever he came home from drinking, he had too much to drink, that day my mother and I couldn’t be at peace with him. What I hate the most is when he calls back to his grandmother’s house. Not asking about his wife’s parents, he often just “tells his wife’s sins”.

He seems to want to punish my parents for not knowing how to teach girls. From money to love, when the husband and wife were in turmoil, the first thing he did was call me to “prompt” me. Usually, every time he called, my mother would answer the phone. As a gentle person, when her son-in-law called and complained, she only advised her to make peace. My mother also often hides my father because my father is very hot.

The other day, he went out drinking with friends and didn’t come back late. When he came home, he saw me lying down, but he made me get up and cook for him a bowl of noodles. At that time I was feverish, so angry I shouted that he was irresponsible to his wife and children. “You only think about yourself?” I asked. However, he immediately waved his hand and slapped me saying that I was insolent. At that moment, he accidentally saw a message from a male colleague to me. The colleague only asked about my health and how my husband and I are now. However, my husband got jealous and told me “boys above girls”.

Although he was clearly wrong, he called his wife’s parents right in the night. Seeing that the other end of the line answered the phone was my father, my husband immediately poured out a series of words: “Dad come over to pick up your daughter and teach them again. I don’t have this kind of wife. I’m lazy and I’m still a boy and girl …”. He even turned on the speakerphone so I could hear.

I was very angry because my husband slandered me but didn’t know what to do. Immediately after hearing his words, my father just laughed and said: “I’m telling you the truth. If you divorce my daughter, I’ll be even happier. The day you married her I told you I didn’t love you. If you love my daughter, just say one word and I’ll bring her back. Now write an application for my daughter to sign and then her mother and daughter will come here. Live with an irresponsible husband and a famous patriarch. like you, I’ve opened my eyes for you, but you don’t know why you still look down on my daughter, family I. Go out and ask someone who doesn’t know how you are?”.

I thought my father-in-law was just joking, but I didn’t expect him to be at my house after that. He told my husband to write the divorce papers for me to sign. At my father’s reaction, my husband was taken aback. My parents-in-law knew about it and ran over to apologize on behalf of their son.

However, my father still decided to bring my mother and daughter home. At that time, he said that his father wanted to do this to humiliate his son-in-law once to change. It is true that since that day, I also see that my husband has had more positive reactions.

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