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Interesting life story like a movie

Who is Son Seok Koo?

Son Seok Koo is a South Korean actor. He was born in 1983 and studied at the Art Institute of Chicago. He was nominated for the Best New Actor Award in the TV category at the Baeksang Awards. In addition to being an actor, Seok Koo also tried his hand at writing and directing.

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Son Seok Koo is a famous actor in Korea.

Life is like a movie by Son Seok Koo

In My Freedom Diary, the character Mr. Gu played by Son Seok Koo has to go through many ups and downs. Outside of the camera, the actor doesn’t have the same problems as in the movie. However, his life story is equally thrilling.

Son Seok Koo is a true young man when his family has their own company with an annual profit of 5.5 billion won – equivalent to 90 billion dong. But instead of following in his parents’ footsteps and embarking on a business path, he chose to live a life of adventure to experience new things.

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Son Seok Koo served in the army in Iraq.

He studied in the US since middle school and then signed up for military service in Iraq. After returning to the US, he experienced working-class life and saved money to move to Canada.

After 10 years abroad, Son Seok Koo returned to Korea and began to pursue art in his homeland. Initially, Son Seok Koo participated in acting plays in Daejon. Next, he joined the choir of Seoul University. Thanks to his colleagues’ guidance, he knew how to make a resume to send to casting agencies. After many hardships, Son Seok Koo finally found a certain place in the competitive entertainment industry in the land of kimchi.

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Son Seok Koo is from a well-to-do family, but he is not afraid to experience the life of working people.

Contrary to many other colleagues who soon had the opportunity to try themselves, it was not until the age of 31 that Son Seok Koo really experienced the feeling of acting in a professional environment. It was in the movie Scarlet Innocence. Before that, he also acted in Canada, but those were only indie films (also known as independent films, produced outside the system of major studios).

Handsome and talented

Not only handsome, good acting, but Son Seok Koo also has many talents. Recently, many fans are passing on the clip “Mr. Gu” doing magic tricks. Perhaps with this performance, if he doesn’t act in movies anymore, the actor should think about going to audition for talent shows.

Son Seok Koo does amazing magic

Few main characters but still have “super products”

During his acting career, Son Seok Koo participated in many different films. A total of 19 films with his participation have been released to the audience, including 9 movies and 10 TV series. However, most of them are just minor or supporting roles.

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In DP – Hunting for deserters, he played the role of captain Im Ji Sup.

Not much of a lead role, but Son Seok Koo still has quality works. The most significant to mention DP – Hunting down deserters. Through the stories of the insiders, the film depicts the hidden corners and dark areas of the Korean army. One of the most haunting issues mentioned is bullying as well as indifference and indifference to the point of condemnation. In the drama, Son Seok Koo plays captain Im Ji Sup.

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Son Seok Koo and Lee El in The Divorce of the Century.

Next DP – Hunting down desertersanother movie that is also worth watching by Son Seok Koo is Divorce of the century. This is a project where he collaborated with Cha Tae Hyun, Bae Doona and Lee El. The film’s content reflects the difference in the thinking of women and men about love – marriage – family in the context of increasingly common divorce. Divorce of the century grossed 5.15 million USD, ranking 9th among all Korean film works released in 2021.

For those who do not know, Son Seok Koo also appeared in the blockbuster Jirisan of two A-list stars, Jun Ji Hyun and actor Ju Ji Hoon. This is a spiritual, horror film, even integrating investigation and solving with the content about the mysteries of Jirisan Mountain.

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Son Seok Koo once appeared in the super product “Jirisan” by Jun Ji Hyun.

This super product was once criticized a lot in Vietnam. However, its ratings in Korea are very respectable – 9.103% (Seoul) and 8.385% (national). This achievement is quite close to the rating of the hit movie Dating at the Office that the audience was watching not too long ago – 9.88% (Seoul) and 9.36% (Korea).

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Some pictures of Son Seok Koo in the movie My Freedom Diary.

At present time, My Freedom Diary is breaking out strongly after a rather dismal first period. Following the success of the film, it is hoped that in the future Son Seok Koo’s career will flourish even more brilliantly. ji-hyun-2020513113320052.chn

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