Making a house in the countryside must not touch these feng shui taboos

A good feng shui house not only makes people happy, but also fills people with expectations for the future life.

However, culture Feng Shui Housing is not easy. Especially those who build houses in the countryside, do not touch these feng shui taboos, rich people never commit them.

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1. Building a house should not be too high with surrounding houses

Those of you who have lived in the countryside will find that rural houses are generally 1-2 stories high. In fact, in rural areas, it is best not to be taller than surrounding structures. When encountering emergencies such as fire, gusts of wind, etc., taller houses are very susceptible to “injury”.

At the same time, because there is no taller house to block part of the sunlight, it is easy to lead to yin and yang decline, imbalance of yin and yang, which easily affects the health of the family.

2. Triangle house

The apartments or houses that we often see are quadrangles. In fact, there are also triangles, if there is a triangle, the figure with the front apex and the back width is called the acute angle. Some feng shui experts believe that living in a triangular house will cost both people and property. Only living quarters or houses with a square shape live well.

If there is a pond or stream in front of the house with a semicircle shape, the circle is facing forward and towards the back, it is very useful for people living in business and prosperity. The type of house with a foundation or a house with a round front and back will help people in prosperity.

If there is a vacant lot in the south of the house, it is a good omen, peace of mind to live. In the yard of the residential area, there should not be large, dead trees, otherwise you will have bad luck. In addition, placing a large number of stone slabs in the yard of the house will not benefit the prosperity of the family business.

3. There is a bow-shaped line in front of the door

The positional relationship between the house and the road. If there is a west direction of the house, it is considered a good omen in feng shui of rural houses. Of course, it is necessary to distinguish clearly between the Western path.

In addition, the road in front of the door stretches, security and wealth. But if the road in front of the door is like a bow, it is extremely inappropriate, because like an arrow, it must be shot on a winding.

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4. The gate should not directly face the door

There is also the fact that the yard door must not face the door directly, which is not beneficial to the homeowner, can occur a situation of penetrating the heart, which is harmful to the health of the family; for rural areas, because lighting is generally not a big deal, so the vast majority of people will face the south side of the house.

This house direction has a certain reason but it is not completely accurate, it is best to adjust the direction of the house to face the South 30 degrees to the East, because this direction can accumulate the most positive energy and is more common. .

5. The door of the house should not face the street or have obstacles opposite the door

Another point to pay attention to is abstaining from the entrance door. The door of the house should not go directly to the street or there are obstacles opposite the door, in general, when the straight way to the door is easy for evil spirits to penetrate. In addition, the direction to place the gate is also very important, it is best to decide according to the owner’s destiny, for example, the preferred direction of the fire man is the Southwest direction, so the direction of the gate in the Southwest direction is favorable for feng shui. magnetic.

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