Moon Knight and unanswered questions after season 1 ends

The future of Moon Knight in the MCU is still a big question mark, especially after the moon god Khonshu temporarily let go of Marc Spector and Steven Grant, but still manipulated this character through the personality of Jake Lockley. . Currently, Marvel Studios has not made any announcements regarding season 2 of Moon Knight, and the male lead Oscar Isaac has not signed a long-term contract with this studio.

Besides, the Moon Knight series also leaves a lot of big questions, and will never be fully answered if this superhero does not return in the future.

How many personalities in total exist inside Marc Spector?

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6 episodes of Moon Knight focus on exploiting 2 main personalities – Marc Spector and Steven Grant, with completely opposite personalities. Besides, this series also “teases” many times about the appearance of a 3rd personality, more ruthless, more violent, ready to risk everything to carry out Khonshu’s orders. That is Jake Lockley – who only appeared in the final seconds of the credits.

This inevitably makes many fans question the amount of personality that really exists inside Marc Spector. Does Marvel Studios intend to stop at number 3? Or are there other personalities they want to continue to exploit in the future to make their superhero more complex and unpredictable?

Are the Avengers aware of the Moon Knight’s existence, especially after what happened in Egypt?

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Although there are relatively few details connecting to other Marvel Studios movie projects, Moon Knight is still a work in the MCU. So will the events happening in Egypt, especially in the final episode, attract the attention of other superheroes, especially the Avengers? And will they be aware of the existence of the Moon Knight?

Obviously the battle between the two giant gods, Ammit and Khonshu, is a huge event that characters like Doctor Strange, Wong or Nick Fury can’t help but notice. The proof is that in the blockbuster Shang-Chi & the Legends of the Ten Rings, even though the most intense battle took place in a dimension separate from Earth, Wong still felt the power of the Ten Rings and immediately summoned practice Shang-Chi to clarify the case. The same is entirely possible with Moon Knight, but we didn’t see that scene on the small screen.

Would the Egyptian gods be destroyed if their avatars were murdered? If not, why didn’t they intervene in the fight between Khonshu and Ammit?

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The last episode of Moon Knight opened in a shocking way, when the villain Arthur Harrow single-handedly destroyed almost all the avatars of other Egyptian gods. He then freed the god Ammit and began his ruthless journey of “assessing” humanity.

However, judging by the case of Marc Spector, it seems that the Egyptian gods will not die even if their avatars have died. They simply need to find a new avatar on Earth and can reappear immediately. In addition, there are still many other gods that have not been revealed in this series. However, absolutely no one appeared to support Khonshu and Moon Knight in the final battle with Ammit and Arthur Harrow, except for the hippo goddess Taweret.

Layla’s future as Scarlet Scarab – avatar of the god Taweret

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To assist the Moon Knight in his confrontation with Arthur Harrow, Layla accepted to be Taweret’s avatar, thereby receiving super strength and becoming Scarlet Scarab – Egypt’s guardian superhero (You can learn more in this article).

However, Layla has insisted that her cooperation with Taweret is only temporary, because she has seen through what Khonshu wants in Marc Spector and does not want herself to be tied to any Egyptian god. However, the ending of Moon Knight did not mention Layla, and did not reveal whether she decided to reprise the role of Scarlet Scarab.

What will Marc and Steven do after being “liberated” from Khonshu?

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Marc Spector and Steven Grant have gone through a very long journey in just 6 episodes of Moon Knight, then both are back in Steven’s London apartment – also the first setting of this series. However, unlike the prologue, the two personalities have now decided to coexist in one body peacefully and to be able to support each other after they deem themselves free from Khonshu. .

So is this the end of Marc and Steven’s superhero story? Remember that inside them is still another personality – Jake Lockley, who remains absolutely loyal to Khonshu. Throughout the series, there have been at least two times when Marc and Steven dimly recognized Jake’s existence, and it is not ruled out that they will continue a new journey to discover this personality. Maybe in the future, all 3 personalities will find a way to compromise to coexist with each other.

How long does the final credits take place since the final battle in Egypt?

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After his defeat against the Moon Knight, Arthur Harrow was sent to a psychiatric hospital in London, before being kidnapped and murdered by Jake Lockley on Khonshu’s orders. However, it is not clear how long this incident took place since the battle in Egypt, and during that time, Jake and Khonshu did.

Also during this time, it can be confirmed that Marc and Steven still had the same “sleepwalking” case as before, in fact, when another personality woke up, despite the fact that they had decided to live in harmony with each other. together. That’s why when they go to sleep, they still tie their feet to the foot of the bed and spread sand around to verify. This is also a detail that reinforces the theory that Marc and Steven will together expose Jake Lockley’s personality in future film projects.

Who sponsors Jake Lockey’s activities?

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Also in the credits, Jake Lockley can be seen using a high-tech limo, customized to the needs of the user, with a control plate printed with the words “SPKTR”. In the comics, Marc also owns a similar car, provided by Steven Grant – a rich billionaire. Meanwhile, Jake uses a taxi to go around the city collecting information.

However, since the TV version of Steven Grant is a regular staff member at a museum in London, we still don’t know how Jake got his hands on such a luxurious limo. Who or what organization sponsored this guy? Or is there still at least one other personality, a richer personality, hidden inside Marc Spector’s body?

How will Moon Knight connect to the MCU?

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Of course, the last big question that Moon Knight leaves is the connection with the MCU in general, because the series exists quite independently and has no details related to other projects. Earlier, producer Moon Knight confirmed that there were supposed to be two Marvel characters in his movie, the most likely being Blade and Hulk. However, for unknown reasons, that idea was scrapped, making the link between Moon Knight and the MCU quite fragile.

Besides, the Egyptian gods can also become a bridge for this superhero with the Marvel electric universe in general. Marvel Studios’ upcoming blockbuster, Thor: Love and Thunder, will bring the god-slayer Gorr to the big screen, and it doesn’t rule out the possibility that he will take action against some of the gods of ancient Egypt. It could also be a way to connect Moon Knight and the MCU.

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