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Only 40 years have more than 200 people passed

10. Cisco Internet Professional Certification Exam

Internet equipment giant Cisco holds its own certification exam to recruit the most talented network engineers. Accordingly, the company’s exam requires candidates to be able to plan, install and operate network infrastructure using various hardware devices manufactured by Cisco.

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Engineers practice for Cisco exams. Photo: Spoto

This exam is divided into 6 parts and takes place in 2 phases, the practical exam lasts up to 8 hours. According to a Cisco expert, less than 1% of network engineers in the world can receive this certification.

9. Indian Engineering Services Exam

As an exam organized by the Public Service Commission (UPSC) of India to find talented people working for the country’s top agencies, its difficulty is extremely high. The exam consists of 6 tests spanning 4 stages, each year hundreds of thousands of engineers participate, but only a few people can pass.

8. Mensa

Basically, Mensa is a competition for high IQ people around the world. Each country has its own Mensa test, but they are all equally difficult, said to be the most difficult IQ test in the world.

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A 3-year-old boy passed the Mensa test. Photo: Sky News

Because it is an IQ test, there is no age limit for participants, even the youngest candidate to pass the test is only 2 years old. However, it should be known that the person with the worst score in this exam also has an IQ higher than 98% of the world’s population.

7. Certificate of Financial Analysis CFA

The CFA is a globally recognized professional qualification in finance. To receive it, candidates must pass three levels of the exam covering categories: accounting, economics, professional ethics, cash flow management and securities analysis. According to the Wall Street Journal, this is one of the most difficult exams in the world with a passing rate of 20% (but all of these candidates have taken it at least 4 times or more).

6. Indian Accounting Exam

The CA accounting exam organized by the Chartered Institute of Accountants India is the most terrifying accounting exam in the world. Most of the candidates give up after a few attempts, only 10% can pass.

test 6jpg 104
Candidates taking the CA exam. Photo: IndianExpress

5. Oxford All Souls Scholarship

The All Souls Scholarship, organized by the University of Oxford, is considered one of the most difficult academic exams in the world. Candidates are required to take 4 exams in different fields, each lasting 3 hours. In 2010, there was a test that required candidates to write an essay on exactly one given word.

4. JEE entrance exam

India seems to love creating the world’s most difficult tests, and the JEE exam is no exception. JEE is an exam for candidates who want to work at one of the top 7 information technology institutions in the country. The average ratio of this contest is 1:50.

3. High School Exam

The most fierce university exam in the world is definitely the Gao exam that takes place in China. As an exam for all high school graduates, Cao Cao is divided into 2 days with a total test time of 9 hours. The exam questions every year become a hot topic online. Chinese society.

test 3jpeg 105
Photos of the Gao contest. Photo: SCMP

According to calculations, only 0.2% of candidates have enough points to be admitted to top universities such as Tsinghua or Beijing.

2. Indian Civil Service Exam

To be selected to work in the Indian government departments, candidates need to pass an extremely complex 3-part exam. After passing the first 2 parts of the exam, candidates will be interviewed by strict and meticulous judges, only 0.1-0.4% of candidates pass this exam.

1. Sommelier Exam

Not academic or technical exams, the hardest exam in the world is the one to become a senior Sommerlier. Sommelier is a French word that means “Expert Taster”, what you need to taste here is wine, a variety of wines.

test 1jpg 106
Image of a Sommelier exam. Photo: The New Yorker

This exam is divided into 3 parts: theory, service and wine tasting. In the wine tasting, the contestants are asked to blindfold and accurately describe the taste of the wine, the year it was produced, and the region where the wine was grown. Over the past 40 years, only 229 people have passed the exam.

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