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Pizza vermicelli with bean paste and shrimp paste is controversial in Saigon’s culinary world

Cake with boiled meat, fried tofu served with shrimp paste, many people were curious, but many people just heard the name and grimaced.

The cake Pizza with a full topping of boiled meat, fried tofu, perilla, marjoram, cilantro… served with shrimp paste appearing in Saigon is surprising many people. Some people are curious, but most find this combination too bizarre and do not dare to taste it.

Noodles with shrimp paste, the specialty of the North, as well as the popular grilled pizza in Western shops, are no longer strange. However, mixing these two dishes together is a bold move.

Called pizza vermicelli with shrimp paste, but the dish does not have vermicelli. The base of the cake is still made of baking powder with a thin layer of crispy cheese. Topping includes familiar things such as boiled pork, fried beans, perilla, cilantro… And shrimp paste is concentrated, seasoned, and then poured directly on the cake instead of a cup of diluted fish sauce mixed with kumquat (kumquat) ) and sugar depending on the taste of the person eating as usual.

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A cake is sold for 140,000 VND at some shops in Saigon. Curiosity is the first reason many diners decide to give it a try. If you don’t try it, how will you know if it’s good or bad?

After tasting, a customer shared, because she is a fan of shrimp paste, she feels that this cake is not too bad. However, you must be really crazy about shrimp paste to be able to eat it, otherwise you will quickly get bored because of the fat of boiled pork and cheese. Some people even suggest more Vietnamese-style pizzas to the chef such as banh cuon pizza, duck ball pizza, durian pizza…

However, there are conflicting opinions. Some diners said that even though they are fans of shrimp paste, it is impossible to accept this combination because it is really “terrifying and inexplicable”.

Those who cannot eat shrimp paste need to think carefully before choosing dishes. If you are curious about the taste, you should only order a pizza that combines half of the vermicelli with shrimp paste, the other half is a normal pizza, eaten with chili sauce to ease the boredom.

This pizzeria exchange shares that they want to give customers a new culinary experience with a combination of Western food and traditional Vietnamese food.

After being introduced online, the dish caused a fever, making many diners curious how it tasted. The store also added that they are currently temporarily suspending service due to increased customer demand resulting in insufficient ingredients. However, the kitchen side is still preparing to serve again as soon as possible.

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