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Quang Ha will bring a new breeze when singing ‘You are the certainty of victory’

The song ‘You are the faith that always wins’ is often performed through the vocals of People’s Artist Quang Tho, People’s Artist Quoc Hung… then in the music night ‘Uncle Ho a great love’, the song will be played with high quality. Light, lyrical voice of male singer Quang Ha.

On the occasion of the 132nd birthday of President Ho Chi Minh (May 19, 1890 – May 19, 2022), on the evening of May 18 at the Hanoi Opera House, Van Hoa Newspaper will coordinate with relevant units to organize the event. art program organization Uncle Ho a great love. The music night is a tribute to the historic May, promising to continue to bring the audience spiritual feelings about the nation’s old father.

Art program Uncle Ho a great love with the participation of many famous artists and singers: People’s Artist Quoc Hung, Meritorious Artist Van Khanh, Meritorious Artist Ploong Thiet, Anh Tho, optical galaxy, Phuong Nga, two faces Sao Mai 2019 Luong Hai Yen, Quach Mai Thy; Top boys, girls and choirs of Vietnam National Academy of Music, Muse Academy Children’s Club, Dance group.

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Ms. Chu Thi Thu Hang – Editor-in-Chief of Culture Newspaper, Head of Program Organizing Committee – shared: “This is the 5th time Van Hoa Newspaper has collaborated with related units to organize an art program themed about Uncle Ho. celebrate his birthday. Although the same theme, the audience will also hear many melodies that go along with the years, but the appeal of the show lies in the familiar things. Songs written about Uncle Ho are always heartwarming works for every Vietnamese. Each melody is a time when emotions are intensely surging…”.

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Singer Quang Ha.

People’s Artist General Director Quoc Hung said that the topic of Uncle Ho always brings a lot of emotions to participating artists and singers. There will be new factors and faces in Uncle Ho’s music night, an immense love. “Two voices of Meritorious Artist Van Khanh, singer Quang Ha from Ho Chi Minh City. HCM promises to bring new colors. If familiar songs like You are the belief that wins all Usually performed through the voices of People’s Artist Quang Tho, People’s Artist Quoc Hung, etc., on this music night, the song will be played with the soft, lyrical voice of male singer Quang Ha.

In performing this song for the first time, Quang Ha will create an impressive work in the program, changing the nailing of the song with veteran vocalists. In addition, male singer Quang Ha also participated in the program with familiar tunes of Ho Chi Minh song…”, People’s Artist Quoc Hung said.

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Another special thing is that the program will also choose performances that are suitable with the idea of ​​depicting the love of the homeland, the feelings of people from all regions towards Uncle Ho, from the North to the Central and the South. … Expressing the passionate affection of the Central Highlands people to Uncle Ho, Meritorious Artist Ploong Thiet will sing the song Uncle Ho lived forever with the Central Highlands. Representing the hearts of ethnic minorities in the Northwest, singer Phuong Nga will sing the passionate melodies of Singing in Pac Bo forest. Vocalist Van Khanh will sing the dear melodies, representing the heart of Southern children who miss Uncle Ho.

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