Scriptwriter of ‘Saigon Rangers’ passed away

Screenwriter Trinh Thanh Nha – faithful wife and soulmate of writer Le Phuong choked to share information about her husband’s death. On her personal page, her call “Brother” made everyone feel sad. The audience and friends shared their condolences and encouraged her to soon overcome her sadness.

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House of Van Le Phuong.

Writer Le Phuong real name is Nguyen Van Tien, born in 1933 in Thiet Ung village, Van Ha village, Dong Anh district, Hanoi. He joined the army at the age of 16 and at the age of 20 was sent to join the survey unit to prepare the battlefield for the Dien Bien Phu Campaign.

Writer Le Phuong entered the writing career quite early. His first work was a memoir Fire test was printed in the National Salvation Army newspaper. During the period from 1963 to 1978, 15 years devoted to literature, he published about 7 novels of different thickness, covering all fields related to in-depth expertise such as ” Fort 44 (about the anti-aircraft artillery soldiers defending Ham Rong Bridge, 1965); Co Tan Valley (geology, 1973); Eucalyptus (forestry, 1975); Time fork (irrigation, 1978); then Cotton in the cold season, Traces of the trail…

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The work “Saigon Special Forces” made the names of many actors at that time.

In 1977, writer Le Phuong started to come to the film industry. He doesn’t write much, but each film made from his script leaves a strong impression on the audience such as Love’s Meeting Place, or the scripts he himself adapted from his novels ( The sea whirlwind is adapted from the novel “Indomitable”)… Saigon Ranger is also the most successful work written by Le Phuong.

The four-episode drama, aired in 1986, directed by Long Van, recreates the outstanding events of the Saigon commandos during the Vietnam War. It was a battlefield scene full of bombs, death and intense wits of soldiers operating secretly in the enemy’s heart.

Especially in the period after 1990, he began to write scripts for television series, which he often called “TV novels”. In 1996, he was the author of Vietnam’s first feature-length TV series script called Tears between two centuries talks about the struggle of the private economic force in the process of accessing technology in ceramic production, opening the line of films that will develop as an indispensable product on the small screen. Then later movies like Live forever with the capital, The Cross of Time, Green Spider… The script he wrote in turn was born to leave a strong impression on the film-loving public.

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Writer Le Phuong and his wife – screenwriter Trinh Thanh Nha.

In addition to a successful career, writer Le Phuong is also known as the perfect husband with her partner – screenwriter Trinh Thanh Nha. The two are famous for being a loving and soulful couple, and together they wrote many drama scripts.

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