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Sisters compete to soak crocodiles, dreams, and strawberries for refreshment, how to drink properly?

Adults can only drink 1 to 2 times / week, but should not drink daily syrups soaked (crocodile, apricot, strawberry, plum, peach …).

Every year, every season, Hoa (Ba Dinh) will soak all kinds of syrups for the family to use gradually. Specifically, in the season of apricot tanned cheeks, she will soak a 5kg bottle for refreshment, 3kg of strawberries to help sleep well and often add a 5kg bottle of crocodile. In addition, she also soaked 3kg of honey peach lemon.

“My whole family is used to drinking flavored water, poor and drinking filtered water. So I always have to pre-soak the syrups for use throughout the year, especially in the summer the amount of consumption will increase.

In the morning, I usually prepare a cup of salted lemon, warm honey and share it with the whole family to drink before breakfast. After that, I will mix all kinds of syrups into the bottles depending on the seasons (winter, summer) I mix warm and cold to keep in thermos bottles for my husband and children to bring to work or school.

Sisters compete to soak crocodiles, dreams, and strawberries for refreshment, how to drink properly?

In the evening, I often mix a cool strawberry juice for my children to drink during or after meals to help them sleep,” said Ms. Hoa.

Although it takes a lot of time to buy and choose ingredients for soaking, Ms. Hoa said “it takes a bit of work, but it is both cheap and safe”.

Experts said that it is advisable for families to soak their own fruits for use in the summer. However, the process of implementation as well as use need to pay attention to some points to avoid harm to health, especially for young children.

According to Dr. Dr. Nguyen Trong Hung (National Institute of Nutrition) soaking fruit syrup is one of the people’s traditional drinks, this is also a way to store and preserve when the fruits are in full ripeness.

However, it must be admitted that the fruit syrup contains a lot of simple sugars, the source of which comes directly from the fruits and also a large amount of added sugar to the pickling.

Meanwhile, in fact, at present, the status of metabolic disorders, overweight and obesity … is increasing in both adults and children. Therefore, it is very important to control simple sugars from foods and drinks.

“That’s not to say that we recommend not drinking fruit-infused water, but in fact, everyone wants to drink a little sweet after soaking the syrup, but to sweeten it, adding sugar is inevitable.

Therefore, when drinking, we need to dilute these types of soaked water and drink it intermittently because it contains a lot of sugar.

Adults can only drink 1 to 2 times a week, not daily. Young children can have a longer time apart… For fruits, I always recommend that it’s best to use seasonal and fresh foods, “said Dr. Hung.

From the perspective of oriental medicine, colonel, physician Bui Hong Minh – Traditional Chinese Medicine Association of Ba Dinh district (Hanoi) said that people, when soaking fruits, then use that water to use with the greatest purpose of healing. thirst, cool down on a hot summer day.

The fruits, when soaked in traditional medicine, not only help to quench thirst, but each fruit is a medicine, with great healing effects, if you know how to use it.

For example, apricots contain a lot of nutrients beneficial to human health, they include: tartric acid, citric acid, sucrose, dextrin, isooquexetin, lycopene, vitamin C, quexitin, starch and carotene, …. In addition, the mycobacterium in apricots is a compound with effective antimicrobial effects.

In soaked apricot juice (apricot soaked in sugar) there is a fairly abundant amount of vitamins, which is good for oxygen metabolism in cells, reducing the risk of myocardial infarction, respiratory disease, atherosclerosis as well as inflammatory or fibrotic diseases. liver in the early stages.

On the other hand, minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, iron, etc. contained in apricots can convert vitamin A, thereby helping the human body to resist attack from free radicals, bringing benefits. great for health.

Or like mulberry, it also contains many of the following high nutritional values: water accounts for 84.71%; Sugar includes glucose, fructose 9.19%, acid 80% (including malic acid, succinic acid), protit 0.36% and tannin, vitamin C, carotene.

On hot, sweltering summer days, mulberry juice not only helps people clear body heat but also cures many other diseases, especially for women and children such as: metabolism, increase antibodies. A glass of mulberry juice a day also helps to cure insomnia, anemia, constipation, headaches, insomnia, tinnitus, rheumatoid arthritis, night sweats in children,….

However, we need to pay attention to how to use it. Most of the time, when you soak the syrup, you use sugar, so if you have used it, most people only feel the sweetness of the sugar, and the good substances in the fruit have not yet been released.

In addition, using too thick syrup is also a very common mistake. “When using syrup that is too thick, not only does it load a large amount of sugar into the body, but it also causes effects on the digestive system. Therefore, herbalist Hong Minh recommends that it is necessary to dilute the syrup before use.

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