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Stunned by the 75-year-old man’s banana tree planting, he set a world record

Tanio Helou, from Quebec, Canada has become the oldest man in the world to successfully set a banana tree at the age of 75 years and 33 days.

Stunned by the 75-year-old man's banana tree planting, he set a world record - Photo 1.

Men want to prove that you can achieve great things at any age with passion and dedication.

When he was young, Tanio Helou was very strong, he could move his head with his hands over long distances.

When he reached the age of 55, Tanio Helou started working out and aimed to maintain his stamina and strength by jogging every day. He regularly practiced push-ups and planted banana trees against the wall.

By the time Tanio Helou mastered it, he was able to do the banana tree-planting move anywhere at home, in the park, in front of family and friends.

Tanio Helou shared that: “I don’t mind doing the banana tree movement. My friends think I’m very strong, my family was worried I would get injured but fortunately that never happened.”

Even at the age of U80, Tanio Helou still maintains a daily routine of sleeping early, getting up early, jogging for 15-20 minutes, drinking coffee, practicing 20 times her husband pushes and doing banana tree planting.

Stunned by the 75-year-old man’s banana tree planting, he set a world record

It was Tanio Helou’s daughter who encouraged her father to register for a Guinness World Record when she noticed his unique ability. His daughter Rola Helou recalls that on her 15th birthday, he gave her a new bicycle in a very impressive way.

Rola Helou recalls: “We were at the park for a picnic and my father rode there on a new bike he gave me. My father surprised me very much, he planted a banana tree on it. car”.

At that time, Rola recognized his father’s unique abilities and encouraged him to contact Guinness.

She said: “When my father retired 10 years ago, he didn’t know what to do next because he was healthy and used to working hard. I encouraged him to travel and exercise to stay fit. good, world record”.

Tanio Helou makes the move to plant a banana tree quite natural, easy, he learned to perfect the technique over the years.

Tanio Helou’s biggest challenge was to plant a banana tree on record day. He felt a bit of pressure, at first he intended to work on grass but because of the rain, he had to change to concrete.

The advice Tanio Helou gives for those who are just starting to learn to grow bananas is to lean against the wall to protect themselves if they accidentally fall.

In the future, the passionate 75-year-old wants to do a banana tree planting with just two fingers.

“If my story can inspire many others to stay healthy then I will be very happy,” said Tanio Helou.

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