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Super special dream wedding of the bride and groom

Many people do not like traditional weddings with large crowds of guests in large halls. Therefore, they find a way to make the wedding compact but really delicate. Take a look at a bride’s wedding below.

First, this bride and groom determined not to have Traditional wedding by the following reasons:

– Too many guests, most of which are parents’ guests, they are not familiar with.

Weddings are not new.

– When the guests go home, they don’t even remember the face, remember the name of the guest.

– Too crowded and make it difficult for the bride and groom to enjoy the day.

Therefore, they decided to have a compact wedding according to their wishes.

choose place

Bride and groom chose a wedding location in a mountain resort, with a large lawn and quite close to the bride’s house for easy transportation after receiving the bride. Moreover, enjoying the party right after is also taken care of by the resort.

Not liking traditional weddings, the bride and groom hold a


They determined in the invitation that this will be a fun party and full of close guests.

The entire wedding space will turn into a play area for anyone who comes to feel happy, immersed in the excitement of the surrounding space.

Not liking traditional weddings, the bride and groom hold a

Implementation process

Bride and groom choose vibrant colors for the wedding. In it, from flowers, welcome gates to decoration styles are also brightly colored things.

Inside the banquet hall will be transformed into an amusement park. Outside the wedding is the gate and the ticket office. When bringing the invitation card, guests will receive tickets and participate in mini games inside. In there are games such as kicking balloons, throwing balls. throw hoops, pull wood…

Wedding dress

The theme of the wedding is activity, so the bride and groom do not set a dress code for the guests. They themselves do not participate in the game, so the choice of wedding dress and wedding vest is still the same as other traditional styles. The difference here is that the bride and groom do not go into the wedding rut as usual, but turn their event into a true fun day.

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Not liking traditional weddings, the bride and groom hold a

“Operating” the wedding

Because her mother-in-law worked at a preschool before retiring. Therefore, in each game area, there will be a teacher in charge to guide.

At first, everyone was worried that someone would feel this way of organizing was not appropriate. However, right after that, when the time to organize came, everyone was happy and immersed in a “1-0-2” wedding.

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What about non-gaming guests? The bride and groom decided to create a photo wall, collecting nearly 200 photos by year, then adding captions, recounting the process from strangers to each other to love, to marriage.

Not liking traditional weddings, the bride and groom hold a

Important thing to note

Although choosing a wedding as a happy day with personal colors, the bride and groom are also very attentive to the feelings of the elders. The two sides still keep things like welcoming relatives, serving tea. However, they omitted the chariot and chose two horses instead. Because of their choice of horses, the couple also applied for a license to avoid any misfortune.

Not liking traditional weddings, the bride and groom hold a
Not liking traditional weddings, the bride and groom hold a


At 9 am, the bride and groom finished the ceremony at home and moved to the venue. At 10 o’clock everyone arrived and started participating in the wedding ceremony activities. People play, people chat, take pictures… This activity will last for 1.5 hours.

Not liking traditional weddings, the bride and groom hold a

Then everyone will gather to start the official wedding ceremony at 12 noon and last for half an hour.

Half an hour later, the wedding ended with the image of large balloons being released into the sky. All matched and executed perfectly smoothly.

Obviously, a wedding integrated into the fun is really different from everyone’s imagination. The idea of ​​​​wedding combined with an amusement park is quite rare and also requires a lot of effort to implement.

Perhaps, despite the hardships, in the end the bride and groom will have a dream-like wedding, completely different and will leave wonderful memories that all who participate can not forget.

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