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Surprisingly, Mazda 3 in the top gas-saving car models

According to the announcement on May 11 of the Inter-Ministry of Industry, Trade and Finance, the price of E5 RON 92 gasoline increased by 1.49 thousand VND/liter of E5 RON 92 gasoline; RON95 gasoline increased by 1.55 thousand VND/liter. Currently, the price of gasoline E5 RON92 is 28.95 thousand VND/liter; and RON95 gasoline is sold for 29.98 thousand VND/liter. Particularly, the price of RON95 V gasoline has exceeded 30,000 VND.

When gasoline prices increase, one of the important criteria for consumers to choose to buy a car is the ability to save fuel. In addition, the factors of car prices, brands, models… are also taken into consideration.

Below are fuel-efficient car models, readers can refer to.

Toyota Wigo MT

Toyota’s Wigo MT model is one of the A-size urban car models, which is interested in fuel economy. Wigo MT car consumes 5.31 liters of fuel/100km mixed. This is a fairly economical consumption level, suitable for the economy of an urban family.

Gasoline-saving car models worth reference - Photo 1.

When the price of gasoline increases sharply, choosing to buy fuel-efficient cars is very important. Graphics: MH

The car is equipped with a 4-cylinder engine, 1.2 liter capacity, capacity of 86 horsepower and traction capacity of 107 Nm.

In the segment, Toyota’s Wigo is competing with models such as: Fadil, Grand i10. Currently, Toyota is listing Wigo MT with prices ranging from VND 352 million – VND 453 million, depending on the type.


Not only Wigo MT, Mazda3 is also considered by car experts as a fuel-efficient car. Mazda 3 is equipped with a 1.5-liter SkyActiv-G engine, like the Mazda 2 version, so its fuel economy is good.

Currently, in Vietnam, the Mazda3 2021 model is officially distributed in 10 versions. The price of Mazda 3 cars ranges from 669 million to 922 million VND.

Toyota Camry H

Toyota’s Camry HV model is also in the top of gasoline-saving cars today, with a fuel consumption of 4.6 liters / 100km. Because it is equipped with a hybrid engine that combines a 2.5 gasoline engine and an electric motor, it is the most fuel-efficient in the D-segment sedan segment.

In the Camry 2.0G and 2.5Q versions, Toyota all use the same 6-speed automatic transmission as: Mazda 6, Kia Optima and Kia K5.

Currently, the price of Toyota Camry HV ranges from 1.1 billion to 1.6 billion depending on the model.

Toyota Corolla Cross

Toyota’s Corolla Cross model is using about 4.2 liters per 100km of mixed roads, making it to the list of low-fuel cars, due to the hybrid engine configuration. Not to mention, version 1.8HV, fuel capacity is only 36 liters, equivalent to an A-size car like: Kia Morning, smaller than Hyundai Grand i10 (47 liters),

Toyota Corolla Cross 2021 is distributed genuine 3 versions, with prices ranging from 750 million – nearly 1.1 billion / version.

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