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Suspicion of Chinese show plagiarizing BIGBANG MV?

Recently, episode 12 of the show King Card vs King Card caused controversy among netizens on social networks. Accordingly, in the performance at the end of the program, fans discovered that the image of a boat full of flowers on the stage was 90% similar to the scene in the MV. Still Life of the BIGBANG. It is this that has made the online community question the show King Card vs King Card plagiarized BIGBANG’s MV.

The moment the artists performed at the end of the show Vuong Bai To Vuong Bai

A boat full of flowers stands on the stage…

… under suspicion of plagiarizing the scene in BIGBANG’s MV

On social networks, Asian netizens have mixed comments. For Kpop fans, they think that show King Card vs King Card copied the idea in MV Still Life (BIGBANG).

In contrast, the Chinese online community affirmed that the image of a boat decorated with flowers is not uncommon, so there is no plagiarism. Some commentators also questioned the opposite when accusing BIGBANG’s MV learning Chinese cultural traditions when the boat decorated with flowers has a history of more than 300 years.

Controversy over the Chinese show's plagiarism of Taeyang's segment in the new MV BIGBANG?  - Photo 4.

The image comparing 2 moments is being discussed by Asian netizens

Some comments from the online community:

– There are so many plagiarisms that they are accused of plagiarism all the time, but this is not the same.

– Such decoration is not uncommon. Could it be that only BIGBANG has the right to use the boat full of flowers?

– If I didn’t say it, I wouldn’t think that the show brought the boat from the Still Life MV to put it on the stage.

– The flower boat is originally from China.

– I’m a BIGBANG fan but this picture doesn’t look like Still Life at all.

– Oh, but this flower boat shows bolero or lyrical music. Watching Vietnamese programs from a young age until now, the image of a flower train is not rare.

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