Thailand U23 coach declares that he is not afraid of U23 Vietnam

Before entering the 31st SEA Games campaign, Thailand U23 was considered the leading candidate for the championship, especially when coach Mano Polking was transferred to lead. However, the War Elephants did not have a good start when Malaysia U23 defeated with a score of 1-2 in the opening match.

However, Thailand U23 proved its class and bravery when defeating Singapore U23 with a score of 5-0 in the next match. In the latest match, coach Mano Polking’s army continued to have an easy 5-0 victory over Cambodia U23 to almost go to the semi-finals.

Sharing after this bold victory, the German-Brazilian national strategist said: “Thailand U23 is not afraid of any team, including U23 Vietnam. They played well, however. U23 Indonesia is also not simple.

If we can avoid Vietnam in the semi-finals, that’s good for us. However, if they have to face them, U23 Thailand is not afraid. If we want to win the gold medal, we need to beat every opponent.”

Thailand U23 coach declares that he is not afraid of U23 Vietnam - Photo 1.

Coach Mano Polking clearly affirmed the determination of Thailand U23.

“I feel happy with this result. Just like U23 Vietnam, we are almost certain to go to the semi-finals. However, the players need to improve a lot to be able to conquer the success. won the gold medal”, former coach of Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh commented on the bold 5-0 victory over Cambodia U23.

In the final match, the most successful team in the SEA Games will face U23 Laos. This is considered an easy match for Thailand U23 and will be an opportunity for Coach Mano Polking to test and improve before entering the semi-finals.

If there are no big surprises, it is likely that U23 Thailand will face U23 Vietnam in the semi-finals of SEA Games 31 men’s football.

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