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The 2 girls are famous for pursuing the style of TVB in the 80s and 90s

Among the many hot girls with all styles from modern sexy to cute and lovely, there are girls who choose nostalgic styles, making themselves different and unusually impressive. They are the ones who don the clothes often seen in the yellowed pictures of their parents. Sometimes it’s just like the old movie stars we sometimes meet on TV.

The style of that day is often remembered with brightly colored shirts and accessories, combined with high-waisted pants that make many people bewildered. The girls in the familiar style of the 80s and 90s have constantly made many people remember and nostalgic for a bygone era. Among them are Bach Lien and Mai Linh.

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Because I love the nostalgic style, I choose old clothes in my mother’s wardrobe

Recently, Mai Linh (SN 2002) often appears on forums from Tik Tok to Facebook. She makes everyone stop for a few seconds to admire the classic beauty on a short clip next to the old market or a carefully invested set of photos.

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A pretty face with long hair that falls to her back, messed up with red lipstick and thin and light eyebrows has made netizens admire and compliment her pretty. Not only has the old standard beauty, but the style of the 80s and 90s chosen by Mai Linh has made people unconsciously think of the old Hong Kong beauties like Vuong To Hien or Ly Gia Han.

Because of her love for the nostalgic beauty, Mai Linh decided to build an image in a different trend. From old clothes in her mother’s wardrobe, she came up with ideas, consulted many sources and then went around to choose beautiful but not outdated outfits; Explore all the nooks and crannies, not ignoring the old markets, street corners, and old houses to be able to bring a set of true Hong Kong pictures.

Mai Linh impresses with her nostalgic beauty

To fulfill her passion, she also faced many difficulties, because the clothes that day were beautiful, but very difficult to find, and not all suits were suitable, once found, the price was too expensive. “For me, it is often very difficult to find clothes to express the desired concept, and the cost of clothes is often very expensive. Finding the right outfit, but the location must match the context with that outfit. even more difficult.” – Mai Linh confided.

However, to fulfill her passion, nothing is impossible for her, because following this style seems to make Mai Linh comfortable with her hobbies as well as being able to share her passion for loving things. Old times associated with parents come to everyone.

Leading the wave of nostalgia with many impressive photo sets

If Mai Linh has just emerged recently, then Bach Lien (SN 1997) is a name that marks the trend of retro fashion. Starting in 2020, the friend has attracted attention from the nostalgic color photos, bearing the silhouettes of the muses in the film directed by Wong Kar-wai.

Pursuing a nostalgic style, receiving a lot of love from many people, the reason why Bach Lien began to come from the attention paid to the vintage fashion worn by the actresses in TVB movies when she was a child. Then one day, accidentally caught a stylist sister, specializing in Hong Kong style, so she decided to fill her wardrobe with bold clothes of “his grandparents”.

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In order to have the right wardrobe for the first-generation beauty, Bach Lien hunted enough 2hand shops to find the most stylish clothes. For her, the vintage style is the “love” of life because it brings very special points because each set has its own unique point, hard to match. In addition, when wearing a floral style, a floral shirt, a long skirt or a high-waisted pants… all have in common that a wide form that easily hides a slightly chubby body.

Not afraid to share many tips to have a set of bold Hong Kong photos, Bach Lien revealed that everyone should pay attention to hairstyles, so long, dark hair colors should be preferred. If you want to be sophisticated, curling the noodles a bit will bring a more retro feel. In the past, they also liked to draw sharp and curved eyebrows with rosy cheeks and deep red lipstick. And what makes the first decade of photos bold is the skill of virtual living, and the color of the picture must be very old.

The retro fashion style is well received by Bach Lien

Although Hong Kong style is not uncommon in photo shoots, few people can do it with perseverance and choosing to stick with it. Two young people Gen Z, Mai Linh and Bach Lien can be considered as typical faces that make their parents’ style gradually repeated in countless new and modern stylish outfits. You as a part help young people of the same age know more deeply about those days, the days that their parents have passed and know more about the old beauty that is gradually forgotten.

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