The straighter these three things, the more prosperous generals become

In anthropology, if a man possesses these three straight features, his life is extremely full and easy to develop.

3 things of a man who are straighter and more prosperous

People with straight nose bridge: In anthropology then a man with a big nose and a straight nose usually has great merit. In life, he always receives protection from his superiors, so whatever he does, he will be rich and prosperous.

These people in their lives easily create a life full of happiness and fulfillment, few equals.

In particular, in the personality of these grandfathers, he will overcome all difficulties and challenges to create his own career. In this calculation, he is a man with a brave, brave man who is a strong support for his family members. When a woman chooses this man, she will never worry about economic money.

The more straight a man these 3 things are, the richer he becomes, the more crooked he can't raise his head in his whole life-1

Thick and straight eyebrows: In anthropology, a man who possesses a thick black eyebrow and straight lines is a person with strong will and outstanding intelligence. These people in life easily succeed to become great leaders.

In the personality of men with this trait, they often have characteristics such as being very tolerant or helping others, so they often have noble people to help them live a smooth and fulfilling life.

People with even and straight teeth: In anthropology, most men with straight and straight teeth often have a lot of money to create great karma for themselves. Men with general teeth are usually good at communicating, so they are also easy to get promoted.

In their personality, these people are often extremely delicate and sensitive, know how to seize opportunities, so they can easily succeed in their career, soon hold high positions, live a rich life, rise like a kite in the wind.

The straighter these three men, the more prosperous they become, the more crooked they can't raise their heads in their whole life-2

Eyebrows grow scattered and scattered throughout life, hard to get rid of suffering

A man if the two eyebrows are short, the tips of the eyebrows are connected, the lips are thin, the forehead is pointed. The bridge of the nose is low, the bones are horizontal, the head is small, but the shoulders are narrow.

In particular, the part of the eye that is exposed is the general of a short life, the more thin and silver the body can’t have a long life. Especially this person has an untidy forehead, a narrow chin, an upside-down earlobe, a blue-white face with a fiery color, a hoarse voice, and often has a short lifespan.

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