The Supreme People’s Procuracy returns the case file of Mr. Tran Hung accused of accepting a bribe of 300 million VND

The accused above Tran Hung (left) and Nguyen Duy Hai and the 3 defendants of QLTT below

The Supreme People’s Procuracy has just decided to return the dossier for the second time to request additional investigation to clarify some contents in the case of production, trading and consumption of millions of fake books related to Hanoi Printing and Media Culture Company, Phu Hung Phat Company, Market Management Team No. 17 Hanoi and General Department of Information Management.

Previously, in January and April 2022, the Investigative Police Agency of the Ministry of Public Security twice issued investigation conclusions and proposed to prosecute Mr. Tran Hung former chief controller, former head of Group 1444 under the General Department of Information Management of the Ministry of Industry and Trade on the crime of accepting bribes.

Among these, Cao Thi Minh Thuan, Director of Phu Hung Phat Company, and 28 accomplices were proposed to be prosecuted for manufacturing and trading in counterfeit goods. There are 3 former officers of the No. 17 Information Management Team who are proposed to be prosecuted for abusing positions and powers while on official duty, including: Le Viet Phuong, former deputy captain; Pham Ngoc Hai and Thanh Thi Dong Phuong, the same former Supervisor.

Mr. Tran Hung, an expert of the General Department of Information Management, former head of Group 304, was proposed to be prosecuted for taking bribes. Finally, Nguyen Duy Hai (freelance worker) was proposed to prosecute the crime of Bribery brokering.

In the most recent investigation conclusion, the investigating agency determined that in 2021, Cao Thi Minh Thuan and his accomplices forged more than 9 million books of all kinds. After that, the group of defendants belonging to businesses and bookstores sold over 6 million books.

During the investigation, the Ministry of Public Security clarified that on July 9, 2020, Hanoi Information Management Team No. 17 and Working Group 1444 coordinated to check and discovered more than 27,000 fake books at the facility managed by Cao Thi Minh Thuan. physical.

On July 10, 2020, Mr. Tran Hung asked defendant Nguyen Duy Hai (freelance worker) to learn about his identity and then contact Ms. Cao Thi Minh Thuan. After that, the accused Thuan asked Hai to tell Mr. Hung to direct a light handling of the act related to the number of fake books. Next, Thuan asked Hai to contact Tran Hung to “directly handle lightly” his case for 400 million VND, of which 300 million VND was given in advance and 100 million VND after the job was done.

According to the police, after meeting Hai, Mr. Tran Hung instructed Mrs. Thuan’s side to change their testimony from buying fake books from some people to books consigned by others, the purpose of which was to reduce the level of violations. .

On July 15, 2020, defendant Hai brought 300 million VND to Mr. Hung in a room at the General Department of Information Management. After that, the functional forces determined that the above fake books were consigned to Ms. Thuan by other people, so there were not enough grounds for criminal handling, only administrative fines.

According to the conclusion, Mr. Tran Hung admitted to meeting Nguyen Duy Hai in his office. However, Mr. Hung said that when he saw the broker gave 300 million VND, he did not agree.

After being prosecuted and investigated, the accused Tran Hung did not admit the above accusations. However, the police agency believes that there are enough grounds to determine that through Nguyen Duy Hai, Mr. Hung received 300 million VND to not handle Ms. Thuan according to regulations. Since then, the accused continued to produce and trade fake textbooks with a total value of about 140 billion VND.

According to the conclusion of the additional investigation in April, the Investigating Body proposed to consider the circumstances of defendant Tran Hung’s heavy donation during the prosecution and trial due to: “No cooperation, no sincerity, no recognition. his crime”.

According to Nguyen Huong

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