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The US offers a big reward to catch dangerous criminals who have escaped

Authorities in Texas (USA) offer a reward of $ 50,000 for catching a dangerous inmate who escaped while serving a life sentence for murder.

Inmate Gonzalo Lopez is wanted in Texas, USA


ABC radio on May 15 reported that officials in the state of Texas (USA) continuously increased money Rewarded to catch a fugitive while serving a life sentence for murder.

Previously, inmate Gonzalo Lopez (46 years old) defected in Leon County on May 12 while being transported from Gatesville to Huntsville for medical examination.

According to Department of Criminal Justice spokesman Robert Hurst Texas (TDCJ), there were 2 officers in the car armed with guns, but Lopez managed to get rid of the handcuffs and cut a part of the door compartment separating the prisoner from the cockpit to control the driver.

“There was a fight and the car went to the side of the road,” Hurst said. The driver was injured and Lopez was able to steal the car and drive away.

The other officer fired 2 shots into the rear tire, but Lopez still drove more than 1.5 km with the punctured tires, before the accident, he abandoned the car to hide. According to Mr. Hurst, the other inmates were still in the car.

Lopez was sentenced to life in prison for murder in Hidalgo County and attempted murder in Webb County, according to TDCJ. The Leon County Sheriff’s Office is urging people in the area to lock their homes and cars and call authorities if Lopez is found.

The TDCJ initially offered a $15,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the inmate. The bonus then increased to $22,500 on the evening of May 13 and increased to $50,000 from the evening of May 14.

The above inmate was also included in the list of 10 people who were arrested most wanted Texas, and noted that he had connections in the Rio Grande and San Antonio valleys, as well as suspected ties to the Mexican mafia.

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