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The Vietnamese golf team did something unprecedented at the 31st SEA Games

Although unable to win the historic medal, 15-year-old golfer Nguyen Anh Minh and the Vietnamese golf team have the right to be proud of their unprecedented achievement in the SEA Games arena.

The fact that a Vietnamese golfer got a negative score on the playing field sea ​​Games is a very rare occurrence. In the history of 6 times participating in the regional arena, Nguyen Phuong Toan is the only Vietnamese golfer to do this, when he excelled at -3 strokes in the second round of the 29th SEA Games in Malaysia.

But at the 31st SEA Games at home, Vietnamese golfers made a big surprise. On the first day of competition, Nguyen Anh Minh hit a negative stroke with a total score of -1. The 15-year-old golfer is in impressive form when he won a series of championships (both amateur and professional) before the 31st SEA Games.

anh minh 540
Anh Minh shows high form

On the second day of competition in the individual event, four birdie points in holes 1, 13, 14 and 16 helped Nguyen Anh Minh reach 70 strokes. This result helps Vietnamese golfers rise to the T4 position in the rankings and only 1 stroke behind the medal position.

In addition to Nguyen Anh Minh, in the men’s content, Le Khanh Hung and Nguyen Dang Minh also had an impressive round with the same 71 strokes. Meanwhile, Nguyen Quang Tri also improved on the second day of competition when he completed the round with 75 strokes. The excellence of the four male golfers helped the Vietnamese team rise to third place in the rankings.

Meanwhile in the women’s content, after the first day of competition did not achieve the best feeling, Doan Xuan Khue Minh regained the courage of the national champion 2022 on the second day with a record of 71 strokes.

khue minh 541
Khue Minh got a negative score on the 2nd day of competition

This result helps Doan Xuan Khue Minh become the first Vietnamese female golfer to hit a negative stroke in a round at the SEA Games.

Before the final round taking place today, the distance of the girl born in 2003 with the leader is 15 strokes. Although there is almost no medal competition, having a round of strokes is also a historic achievement for Khue Minh.

Thus, on the second day of competition, the host Vietnam had up to 4 athletes hitting the stroke, including: Nguyen Anh Minh (-2), Le Khanh Hung (-1), Nguyen Dang Minh (-1) and Doan Xuan Khue Minh (-1).

In today’s final competition day in individual content, Anh Minh continues to be the best golfer in the Vietnam golf team. The 2022 national champion scored 4 birdies on holes 3, 11, 12 and 13 but unfortunately got a bogey point on hole 8.

anh minh 2 542
Although he is only 15 years old, Anh Minh plays bravely and confidently

Drama happens when there are 6 golfers with a total score of -6, tied for 1st place. If the athletes have equal points, they will have to play play-off to rank the final.

At holes 13, 14 and 15, Anh Minh all scored Par, so he dropped to 3rd place, while opponents Narkprachar (Thailand) and Ervin Chang (Malaysia) had 1 birdie point to rise to 1st and 2nd place.

In the last two holes, Anh Minh only scored 1 Par point on the 17th hole and suffered a double bogey unfortunately on the 18th hole. The poor performance in the last holes caused the Vietnamese golfer to drop to 6th place. Meanwhile, the opponents The main players of Vietnamese golfers all have birdie points, thereby surpassing to get a medal.

bxhanhminh 543
Anh Minh’s achievements on the 3rd day of competition

Minh finished the third day of competition with a score of -1, totaling -4 strokes. The bronze medalist is Narkprachar (Thailand) with -6 points. Meanwhile, with the same -7 points Christian (Indonesia) and Ervin Chang (Malaysia) have to play play-offs to compete for gold.

Nguyen Anh Minh could not win a historic medal for the Vietnamese golf team, but continuously having negative points and ranking 6th overall is also an unprecedented achievement.

In the women’s event, Khue Minh with 1 birdie point but 2 bogeys, achieved +1 on the third day of competition, thereby having a total score of +6 to rank 11. This is the best achievement of golfers. Hanoians at the SEA Games arena. Winning gold is Thai golfer Natthakritta with a total score of -14.

bxhgolf 544
Anh Minh ranked 6th overall

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