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These are the 10 hottest but most difficult subjects to study, the “bald” GPA has a major of only 2.8

If you search for keywords like “hard majors” on Quora, you’ll see a long list of results: From Psychology, Sociology, History to Engineering, Marketing, Accounting… That’s right. Every industry has its own difficulties. And to assess the difficulty of a major, depending on the overall GPA of the major, the lower the average score, the harder you study.

The statistics of the 10 most difficult majors in the US in 2022 show that these are the majors that students study “with a bald head” but with a very modest GPA. If you choose these hot majors, you will be under a lot of pressure. However, with passion and hard work, serious study, after graduation you will reap sweet fruits.

*GPA stands for Grade Point Average, which in Vietnamese means cumulative grade point average, grade point average or cumulative points of learners throughout their learning process. Graduation grading: Excellent: GPA from 3.60 – 4.00. Diploma: GPA from 3.20 – 3.59. Good Degree: GPA from 2.50 – 3.19. Average Degree: GPA between 2.00 – 2.49.

These are the 10 most difficult disciplines to learn,

To evaluate the difficulty of a major, depends on the overall GPA of that major. Illustration

1. Chemistry

Average GPA: 2.78

Chemistry took the top spot on the list of “hardest majors” with the lowest GPA. Not to mention the theoretical difficulty, these courses will also come with various experiments that make students “brain pain”.

2. Mathematics

Average GPA: 2.90

Surely everyone has the feeling that thinking flexible is sometimes more useful than working hard. Students majoring in Mathematics need to be extremely independent, creative and critical thinkers. However, the good news is that the job market in this industry is relatively good. Graduates can work in software development, financial analysis, economics, market research…

3. Economics

Average GPA: 2.95

The difficulty with economics is that it needs to be based on Mathematics and statistics, with lots of critical thinking and data aggregation. For example, Northwestern University’s economics major has very strict requirements for students’ math proficiency: Must read a large amount of academic literature in the fields of economics and business, have a background in good at calculus.

These are the 10 most difficult disciplines to learn,

If you choose these hot majors, you will be under a lot of pressure. However, with passion and hard work, serious study, after graduation you will reap sweet fruits. Illustration

4. Biology

Average GPA: 3.02

Biology students conduct laboratory experiments to learn the process of formation, development, and evolution of changes in morphology, biochemistry, physiology, metabolism, genetics, and molecular biology. .. of organisms; At the same time, students majoring in Biology will also learn Math, Physics, and Chemistry.

If you are a person who likes to explore, research, discover, learn, analyze problems, work with objects or you like to clarify information, like to help, work with others, then Biology could be an option for you.

5. Geology

Average GPA: 3.03

Geologists need to study the history of the earth and use this knowledge to predict natural disasters such as earthquakes and floods; They also need to locate highway construction or natural gas or oil pipelines. Therefore, students majoring in geology may have to go on field trips in remote areas if they want to find work in a related field.

6. Philosophy

Average GPA: 3.08

Majoring in philosophy requires you to spend a lot of time studying the minds of famous philosophers, and Northwestern University’s philosophy major has 13 courses, including 4 core courses and 9 electives. During extracurriculars, students often write and read anthologies, and they also need a multitude of supplementary anthologies to research.

7. Finance

Average GPA: 3.08

Students majoring in Finance need Math skills, data analysis, strategy building and good communication, moreover finance, banking and business are always changing, so once they start working, you have to keep reading and improving yourself in your spare time. The work intensity and pressure in the financial industry is very high, but the salary is also high commensurate with the level of education and pressure.

According to the “Financial Industry Salary Report 2021” published by Hayner International Human Resources Consulting, only 8.1% of finance practitioners have an annual salary of less than $200,000, and 65.9% The practitioner’s annual salary is concentrated in the range of $200,000 to $490,000.

8. Physics

Average GPA: 3.10

Physics is a natural science that focuses on the study of matter and its motion in space and time, associated with concepts related to energy and force. The study of Physics covers everything from the largest galaxies to the smallest atoms in the universe. Physics courses require students to have basic knowledge such as Mathematics and Science. Mathematical operations in Physics are often more difficult and complex than in other sciences.

With a “difficult” major like physics, students need passion and perseverance because this subject is a bit dry.

9. Computer Science (CS – Computer Science)

Average GPA: 3.13

This is a popular major among international students and is difficult to apply for. According to statistics of the website The Tab, the transfer rate of first-year students majoring in Computer Science is up to 9.2%, but every year many students apply to transfer to this major. This is really a vicious circle, people inside want to get out, people outside want to come in.

These are the 10 most difficult disciplines to learn,

Computer science is a hot subject but it is really a vicious circle, insiders want to get out, outsiders want to get in. Illustration

However, in the United States, the top occupations with the widest range of jobs and the best salaries must have a slot for Computer Science. CS focuses more on computer fundamentals, such as algorithms, computer logic, programming languages, computer theory, artificial intelligence, and hardware design.

10. Engineering

Average GPA: 3.17

Engineering encompasses many disciplines, which is the application of scientific knowledge to bring practical value such as the effective design, manufacture, and operation of structures, machines, processes, and systems. and most economical.

The engineering industry always requires high quality labor, so that the salary becomes attractive. The engineering profession is considered to be one of the sectors with the highest demand for human resources today and in the future. picture-ratruong-vocabulary-tiem-nang-2022051223145363.chn

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