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This is the dirtiest part of the pig, containing parasites

In the kitchen of every Vietnamese family, more or less will store a few pieces pork. In addition to being easy to process, pork can also meet the nutrients needed by the human body, supplement protein-rich minerals, and nourish different organs.

The Chinese say, “All things pig’s are treasures”. That is not true at all. Because there are some parts of the pig’s body that contain a lot of parasites and bacteria, it is possible to activate bad cells in the body.


This is the dirtiest part of the pig, containing parasites

1. The meat that contains the lymph nodes of the pig

According to Dr. Liu Jingjing (Chinese Agricultural University): When detecting pieces of meat containing lymph nodes, it is best not to buy and eat.


Pig’s lymph nodes are grayish-white or pale yellow lumps, distributed throughout the pig’s body. These nodes all contain pathogens such as bacteria and viruses, which have an unpleasant odor and can also directly transmit diseases to the body, which is difficult to destroy even when cooked at high temperatures.

The part of meat that most often contains lymph nodes is pork neck. To protect your health, when you go to the market, you should avoid buying this type of meat.

2. PiecesPork does not show signs of elasticity when pressed

When you go to buy pork, you should press on the meat with your hand, if after pressing the pork skin can quickly recover its elasticity, it means the pork is still very fresh.

On the contrary, if you press on the pork and you see the fingerprints are concave, difficult to recover, it means that the pork is not fresh, such pork may contain a certain amount of bacteria.


3. Touching the piece of meat feels sticky

When you touch the pork with your hands, it feels greasy but not sticky, you can buy it with confidence. Because pork is left for too long, it will be degraded and appear mucus around the piece of meat. That shows that the number of microorganisms that multiply on meat is relatively large, which after eating can threaten the health of the digestive tract.

4. Pork smells bad

If pork has a strong fishy smell, a distinct rancid smell… it’s best not to buy it and eat it. Because the unpleasant scent shows that they have been degraded, it is possible that the meat has been left for a long time, causing spoilage, not eating well, it can even cause poisoning.

The 3 most “dirty” parts of a pig, containing a large amount of bacteria and parasites

Pig’s large intestine

The large intestine of the pig has a relatively high nutritional value, contains many minerals and vitamins, so it is preferred. However, the large intestine of pigs contains very high fat and cholesterol, eating too much will also increase blood pressure and increase blood lipids, which is not good for health.


The large intestine of a pig is also a place to excrete waste, which if not cleaned, can be harmful to health and activate bad cells in the body.

2. Pork neck meat

Pork neck meat often contains a large number of lymph nodes and metabolic glands, this is the home of many viruses, bacteria, potential infection risk, so experts advise when buying pork, should avoid buying meat in this department.

3. Pig lung


Pig lungs are one of the dirtiest organs in a pig. They are the respiratory organs of pigs. Because the pig’s living environment is also very susceptible to bacteria and parasites, so the pig’s lungs are easy to contain a large amount of bacteria and dirt, if ingested, it will not be good for the body. chn

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