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Tips for using a washing machine to release gas, without worrying about wasting electricity and water in the summer

According to wise housewives, here are good tips to help you use your washing machine carefree without worrying about wasting electricity and water:

Do not wash too little or too much clothes: This way both helps clean clothes and avoids damage to the machine. When overloaded, the washing machine often makes a loud noise and may stop the drum rotation. There are many cases, when you put too many items, during the washing process, the clothes fall out of the drum. It was only when the repairman removed the drum that the owner found the clothes between the drum and the machine frame. Meanwhile, washing less will make cleaning clothes more difficult.

Besides, if your washing machine has a hot water washing mode, when rinsing the fabric, you only need to use cold water to save energy. When not washing, disconnect the power completely from the machine. Energy Star standard washing machines use 50% less water than conventional washing machines.

Select the appropriate water level: Current washing machines have 3 water levels corresponding to each washing cycle. Depending on the amount of clothes, choose the appropriate water level. If the clothes are small, you should only choose a low water level, this not only saves water but also helps to wash faster, resulting in more electricity savings.

Tips for using a washing machine to release gas, without worrying about wasting electricity and water in the summer - 1

Do not give more than the specified amount of clothes (Artwork)

Choose the right washing powder: You should choose the right detergent for the washing machine. This type of washing powder not only brings higher washing efficiency than other common washing powders, but also helps protect the machine. This detergent creates little foam so it won’t leave much residue on clothes.

Should use washing powder with enough amount, corresponding to the amount of clothes to be washed. Using the right amount of detergent helps to increase washing efficiency, save electricity and water. With clothes that are too dirty, you should rub them first and then put them in the washing machine, don’t solve it by adding too much detergent because it won’t work.

If you use fabric softener, you should also use it reasonably to save more effectively. You should put the conditioner in the last cycle, you can stop the machine for 10 minutes to let the clothes absorb the conditioner better.

Select the appropriate spin mode: In washing machines, the spin mode usually comes with the wash program already installed. But if you want your clothes to dry faster, you should choose a reasonable spin mode. For thick clothes, or bedding, you should choose the ultra-dry spin mode to save more time.

In addition, to keep the washing machine durable, you should note that you should not leave the washing machine in a humid place, do not let water fall on the keyboard of the washing machine, if it falls, you must dry it immediately.

Need to properly clean the washing machine: The drum of the washing machine is a place of bacteria, mold, detergent residue, clothes lint… Therefore, you need to clean this part of the washing machine regularly.

Choose where to place the washing machine: Many families often place the washing machine on the balcony, terrace or outside in the yard to dry the laundry because they are spacious and convenient to wash and dry clothes. However, this setting is wrong because the washing machine will be directly affected by weather and environment such as: Rain, sun, heat, cold… and affect the motor in the washing machine.

Users should also not put the washing machine in the bathroom, toilet or in the kitchen, because these places have high humidity or a lot of grease, not suitable for placing electrical equipment, easy to damage the washing machine, even may even cause electric shock.

In addition, when you put the washing machine on the wrong side, it can cause errors such as: The inlet water does not flow into the fabric softener tray, the drum is tilted, leading to a noise when washing and reducing the life of the washing machine.

Instead, users should put the washing machine in a clean, dry, cool place and remember to put the washing machine on a flat place for the machine to stand firmly.

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