U23 Vietnam is number 1

U23 Vietnam ended the group stage of SEA Games 31 men’s football group A with 10 points obtained from 3 wins and 1 draw, topping the table. U23 Vietnam is the only team in SEA Games 31 to finish the group stage and keep a clean sheet.

U23 Indonesia ranked second in Group A with 9 points, with the home team entering the semi-finals. Myanmar U23 ranked third and was eliminated, even though there was a time when it seemed to have taken the advantage to gain the right to self-determination.

The details of the two semi-final pairs will be decided after the final series of Group B matches tomorrow afternoon. However, most likely, U23 Vietnam will meet U23 Thailand and U23 Indonesia will meet U23 Malaysia.

This time. U23 Malaysia is leading the table with 7 points, while U23 Thailand is second with 6 points.

SEA Games 31 men's football Group A standings: U23 Vietnam is number 1 - 1

Table A of men’s football at SEA Games 31.

After 4 matches, Mr. Park’s team was still unbeaten and had a clean sheet, but there were some unconvincing matches.

The players tried their best. I thank them for that. U23 Vietnam will try to improve the organization in the team to pass the semi-finals and reach the final. I and U23 Vietnam will try to get the best performance.

When Vietnam U23 wins, we shouldn’t focus on a particular player, whether they score or kick well. Winning is winning, that is the professionalism of the head coach“, Coach Park Hang Seo confirmed.

The two semi-finals will take place on May 19. U23 Vietnam is playing at Viet Tri Stadium (Phu Tho).

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