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U23 Vietnam won gold, how did Mr. Park calculate the semi-final against the rival?

U23 Vietnam has many advantages in finding victory against U23 Timor Leste and coach Park Hang Seo’s teachers and students have many problems to look beyond the semi-finals of the 31st SEA Games.


Having a “golden victory” against Myanmar U23 in the 3rd series, Coach Park Hang Seo’s team decided for its own opportunity, rising to the top of Group A with 7 points and a difference of +4. Meanwhile, both U23 Indonesia and U23 Myanmar have the same 6 points, the difference of the two teams is +4 and +1 respectively. Two teams U23 Indonesia and U23 Myanmar will face off directly in the final series (16h, 15/5), and U23 Vietnam only met the weakest team in the group Timor Leste (19h, 15/5).

U23 Vietnam won gold, how did Mr. Park calculate the semi-final against the rival?  - first

U23 Vietnam holds the right to self-determination before the last match of Group A

There are many scenarios for the group of 3 leading teams in Group A and U23 Vietnam has the most advantages. Just win U23 Timor Leste, U23 Vietnam will automatically top Group A. It is only possible if Hung Dung and his teammates lose to U23 U23 Timor Leste with a difference of 4 goals or more, while U23 Indonesia and U23 Myanmar hold. If there is a tie, then U23 Vietnam will be eliminated. This is forecasted to be a scenario that is too difficult to happen when comparing the strengths of the two teams at this time, especially when the match U23 Vietnam – U23 Timor Leste takes place right after U23 Indonesia – U23 Myanmar has finished. .

After 3 group matches, U23 Vietnam has affirmed the bravery of Vietnamese football, playing with high spirit and will. The race of the group stage matches is challenging, but Mr. Park’s army has made great efforts. to decide the ticket to go on to the semi-finals. Against U23 Timor Lester, U23 Vietnam is expected to continue to have more victories, it is important for Coach Park Hang Seo and his students to calculate the distance to be ready for the decisive match in the semi-finals when they are uncertain. Will definitely meet U23 Thailand or U23 Malaysia (group B matches will be played on May 16 to officially determine the first and second places in the group).

Whether they meet U23 Thailand, or U23 Myanmar, they are all “rivals” of U23 Vietnam in the past. Park’s army is forecasted to compete in the knock-out semi-finals, which will be much more difficult than the group stage matches.

Therefore, Coach Park Hang Seo can direct his students towards the goal of gently winning U23 Timor Leste, try many reserve positions to warm up, get used to the feeling of playing an official match to help him have a good time. added options for more challenging semi-finals and further into the finals SEA Games 31. In addition, Mr. Park also wants to keep the strength of the pillars when they have to compete in a dense density of 2 days and 1 match, avoiding injuries to prepare for the semi-finals.

Continuing the spirit of “Winning gold together”, fans are waiting for U23 Vietnam to continue on the journey to conquer. 31st SEA Games gold medal. Along with millions of passionate football fans across the country, Saigon Beer, a brand with many products favored by Vietnamese people, always accompanies and cheers the players.

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Will Vietnam U23 win gently U23 Timor Leste?

National football fans can now chant the message “Vietnam wins gold” in the program accompanying the 31st SEA Games initiated by Bia Saigon to create the same spirit of cheering for Vietnam U23. competed sublimely, going far in this year’s gold medal race.

Beer Saigon brand is proud to be the diamond sponsor of the 31st Southeast Asian Games 2021 in Vietnam. As a Diamond Sponsor, Bia Saigon will accompany and support the Vietnamese sports delegation in general, as well as the U23 men’s football teams, the Vietnamese women’s team at the event and other activities within the framework of the event. programme.

Launching the community program “Vietnam wins Gold” to support SEA Games 31

On May 13, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the Saigon Beer – Alcohol – Beverage Joint Stock Corporation (SABECO) announced the launch of the community program “Vietnam wins gold”, calling for Communities across the country cheered for the journey of the country’s sports delegation at the 31st SEA Games, raising the love of sports and showing the enthusiasm of the whole nation.

U23 Vietnam won gold, how did Mr. Park calculate the semi-final against the rival?  - 4

The community program “Vietnam wins gold” is an activity part of Beer Saigon’s series of activities accompanying the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism towards the 31st SEA Games taking place in Vietnam. With the spirit of encouraging the will and belief of victory of the Vietnam Sports Delegation, the program calls for the participation of the Vietnamese community to join the chants from anywhere, at live locations. or through the online platform.

With the goal of collecting millions of words of encouragement for Vietnamese sports, 1 month after the campaign is launched, Bia Saigon will contribute VND 5 billion to support training, coaching and talent development activities. sports, towards international achievements, with the desire to bring the best to Vietnamese sports.

To mark the start of the community program “Vietnam Wins Gold”, representatives of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, representatives of Bia Saigon along with representatives of artists supporting the campaign, athletes representing Vietnamese athletes Nam together chanted the slogan “Vietnam Wins Gold” at the event.


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