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Unusual accidents “in bed” of gentlemen

After a cup of alcohol, the gentleman in the late afternoon was admitted to the hospital in a state of “little boy” standing up for many hours; There was a young man who was “eaten by mushrooms” because of a drunken night…

If on the holidays of February 14, March 8, … motels and hotels are often “burned out”, then only a week later, the gynecological clinics are equally “busy”.

This is a “professional secret” revealed by MSc Nguyen Duy Khanh, Center for Andrology, Viet Duc Friendship Hospital.

“Not only seasonal diseases such as dengue fever, seasonal flu, but even male diseases are cyclical”, Dr. Khanh shared, “After the 5-7 days of holidays, later about 14 days is the time when young men go to see a gynecologist again.

Patients who come to the clinic can have all kinds of diseases, from urethritis due to gonorrhea, syphilis, genital warts, even HIV.

According to Dr. Khanh, the lack of knowledge about sexually transmitted diseases, as well as the sharp increase in “unhealthy” sexual behaviors and orientations, especially among young people, are the main causes leading to sexual abuse. to this situation.

Crazy accidents

For many years in the profession, Dr. Khanh has witnessed many accidents “in bed” of men, crying and laughing. There is a gentleman in the late afternoon who is hospitalized in a state of “little boy” standing upright just because of a cup of alcohol; There was a young man who was “eaten by mushrooms” because of a drunken night…

The “little boy” protested after a cup of drinking wine

At the age of “afternoon”, Mr. NHC, from Hanoi, heard his friends “rumoured” to each other about the medicinal herbs soaked in alcohol to help regain his form.

With the support of medicinal alcohol, Mr. C. pampered his wife for “2 rounds” without getting tired. However, after that, Mr. C.’s “boy” was still erect. Thinking that it was still not enough, he and his wife did more “round 3”, but the little boy still refused to rest.

The thought of having a “salty” night, the couple had to panic take each other to the hospital for emergency.

This is just one of many cases where men have to be hospitalized because the penis is erect for many hours, even days, after taking tonic drugs and alcohol.

BS Khanh shared that many middle-aged men entering the period of testosterone depletion leading to decreased libido and erectile dysfunction have found all ways to “revitalize”.

People buy drugs to support erectile dysfunction, others listen to friends tell them, hunt for seahorses, seal testicles, etc. to drink alcohol.

However, it is because of the uncontrolled composition and dosage of drugs and alcohol that lead to overdose and as a result, prolonged penile pain.

Crazy accidents

According to this expert’s analysis, after ejaculation, the penis will return to its normal physiological state. However, when the penile erection lasts for a long time due to the drug, the blood will be blocked in the penis and can not go out. Meanwhile, new blood cannot come to feed the penis, leading to anemia. Long-term anemia will lead to hardening and loss of sexual function, causing the penis to be unable to erect anymore, even in cases of penile necrosis.

“The most obvious example is when we tighten our fingers, it only takes a few hours to find our fingers uncomfortable and bruised,” Dr. Khanh cited.

Got gonorrhea because “peeling the cake to pay” when his wife was pregnant

A 31-year-old man, living in Hanoi, went to the Center for Andrology, Viet Duc Friendship Hospital for a checkup in a condition of urethritis, urethral discharge, and painful urination. A test of the urethral discharge revealed gonorrhea bacteria.

Through taking his medical history, the man confessed that during his wife’s pregnancy, he secretly had sex “to peel the cake and pay” because it was too “secret”. The patient also confirmed that sex itself is safe when using a condom. However, when digging deeper, the patient revealed that he did not use a “raincoat” during oral sex.

“When he learned that he had gonorrhea, the patient was extremely shocked and worried because he didn’t know how to talk to his wife,” said Dr. Khanh.

A situation worth mentioning is that when having “bottom line” relationships, men are often very careful to wear condoms but are subjective in “foreplay”.

Dr. Khanh shared: “When having oral sex, men are often afraid to use condoms because they think that this will not transmit the disease. However, pathogens such as gonorrhea bacteria, viruses. HIV can completely be transmitted from the partner’s pharynx to the wounds on the penis. Especially the stomata area, this is the transition place of the urethral mucosa and the foreskin mucosa, so it is easy to scratch. .

“Many young men who visit the Male Learning Center “fall back” when they receive the results of a social disease just because they missed the “raincoat” in this foreplay,” said Dr. Khanh.

Crazy accidents

For the unfortunate gentleman who contracted a social disease while having sex “outside the door”, how to “confess” to his wife for treatment is sometimes the most difficult task.

Dr Khanh said: “Someone said that I went to work and shared a towel with my brother in the same office and then got sick, but actually there was no brother at all; someone told me to go play football to borrow pants. underwear to wear should spread the disease; he was braver to say: “I have a yeast infection, so my wife needs treatment”; some men asked doctors to change the conclusion in the diagnosis: Instead of writing “urethritis urethritis” due to gonorrhea” will just write “urethritis” or a special character so that you can’t track it down.

The boy was “eaten by mushrooms” just because… one night of drunkenness

Going to the Southern Learning Center to check on the condition of the “little boy” growing fungus, itching, a 25-year-old man living in Hanoi confided to the doctor: A few days earlier, when he went to dinner at night, he started a conversation with her sister. restaurant owner. After a while, toasting, the two led each other to the room and had sex.

“It is worth mentioning that the patient did not use any preventive measures. Just a few days later that night, the young man suffered from urethritis and many other problems that caused damage to the genital organs,” said Dr. Khanh. shall.

For young men with urethritis, prompt treatment is fine, but it can lead to complications. One of the dangerous complications is orchitis. This condition causes sperm to get stuck in the epididymis tubes and not come out, leading to infertility later on.

“It may be 5 years later, when the patient gets married, he finds out that he is infertile. At this time, going to treatment for infertility takes a lot of time and money,” said Dr. Khanh.

Crazy accidents

Dr. Khanh also examined a 19-year-old man with a sore throat, weight loss, and diarrhea. The patient said that she had had oral sex with a “stranger partner” before and did not use a condom. Through testing, the patient was confirmed to be infected with HIV virus.

Dr. Khanh informed: “When receiving the results, the patient fell back from the chair because he was too shocked. Even when we received the results of the patient, we felt very surprised and sad because the patient was too young. “.

Khanh said that currently unhealthy sexual trends, such as “one-night stands” are becoming a prominent problem, increasing the risk of disease transmission.

“One-night stands can bring temporary pleasure, but then it can carry diseases for life. For example, genital warts can recur after treatment. Worth mentioning, when having unhealthy relationships with With “stranger partners”, you are not only at risk of contracting a social disease, but also being infected with many diseases at the same time, “said Dr. Khanh.

Khanh recommends that men should have healthy sex activities and take measures to protect themselves when having sex. If you find any abnormality in your health, especially in the genitals, you should immediately consult a specialist for timely advice and treatment.

Crazy accidents

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