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Vietnam Blockchain startup becomes a partner with the parent company of Metamask wallet

According to information recently received by VietNamNet, ConsenSys – a Blockchain software development company valued at US$7 billion has just become an official partner of BHO Network.

BHO Network is a blockchain technology startup built on BHO Chain (BHC-20) – a high-speed blockchain platform with low transaction fees. The infrastructure developed by BHO Network can be cross-exchanged with popular Blockchain networks such as BNB Chain (BSC), Ethereum or Polkadot.

Meanwhile, ConsenSys is the founding company of Metamask, a digital wallet with over 30 million monthly active users. On March 15, ConsenSys successfully raised $450 million in a Series D funding round, raising the company’s valuation to $7 billion.

startup blockchain viet nam tro thanh doi tac voi cong ty me 7 ty usd cua vi metamask 68e22db162ef4201a3bad607f5732cb1
The development team of the startup BHO Network.

Through this cooperation agreement, BHO Network and ConsenSys aim to build the future for the digital economy as well as accelerate the application of Blockchain technology and cryptography in the world in general and Vietnam in particular. .

Specifically, ConsenSys allows BHO Network to leverage its professional team to build EVM-compatible protocols (Ethereum Virtual Machine), and is a cross-chain bridge between BHO Chain and the Ethereum network.

Besides, ConsenSys will provide services related to application infrastructure solutions on Ethereum or EVM network, helping to expand the ecosystem of BHO Network in the future.

In addition, BHO Network and ConsenSys will jointly find a digital payment solution for users in Vietnam. This combination will help Vietnamese users to convert and buy cryptocurrencies conveniently, safely and quickly.

startup blockchain viet nam tro thanh doi tac voi cong ty me 7 ty usd cua vi metamask cefc7bdef3a240e3bca57b984823fcc1
BHO digital asset storage wallet – an upcoming product of BHO Network.

Also within the framework of this agreement, BHO Network and ConsenSys will consider the compatibility of BHO Chain with the Metamask wallet, specifically how to enable or integrate the Metamask wallet as a wallet option for users in the BHO Chain network, thereby expanding the scale and market of this product.

Finally, BHO Network and ConsenSys will cooperate to research and develop products based on Blockchain technology in the future.

Sharing with VietNamNet about the development prospects of the Vietnamese market, a ConsenSys representative said that the potential for growth of MetaMask wallet users in Vietnam is still very large.

According to a ConsenSys representative, GameFi projects are very popular in Vietnam. This is also where the famous Axie Infinity game was born. However, Vietnam is still outside the top 3 in terms of Metamask wallet users in Southeast Asia.

Evaluating BHO Network, a representative of the founding company of Metamask wallet said that this is a growing startup in Southeast Asia in general and Vietnam in particular. That’s why this technology company decided to cooperate with a Vietnamese startup like BHO Network, to promote the overall development of the market.

In the near future, ConsenSys hopes to attract more MetaMask wallet users through native relay solutions, making it easier for citizens to access the decentralized world.

Many recent technology reports have assessed that Vietnam is a bright spot in the global Blockchain world. There are many startups in the Blockchain and Fintech fields of Vietnam that have been creating a foothold in the international market.

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Vietnam is currently leading the survey based on the percentage of the population participating in investing and owning cryptocurrencies. Figures: Finder

According to Chainalysis, Vietnam is a perfect example of a country where the level of participation in cryptocurrency transactions far exceeds the ranking of the economy. Many surveys by market research companies also give a common result that shows that Vietnam is always at the top of the world in terms of crypto adoption index. That is also the reason why many large foreign technology corporations are constantly eyeing startups Fintech Vietnam.

According to the Vietnam Innovation and Technology Investment Report recently published by the National Innovation Center (NIC, Ministry of Planning and Investment) and the venture capital fund Do Ventures, the payment sector currently leading Vietnam in terms of investment growth in 2021.

It can be said that ConsenSys officially shaking hands with BHO Network will open a new page for the development of the startup from Vietnam.

Through the parent company of the Metamask wallet, the BHO Network ecosystem will be able to get closer to Ethereum’s $200 billion worth of financial flows. This cooperation is also expected to push BHO Network to quickly reach the first total capitalization of 1 billion USD, so that it can become a startup unicorn.

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