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Vietnamese quiz: “Which fruit is the most AWESOME in the world?”

Whenever sad or sad or having fun group activities, the Riddle is always the first to be found. Although it’s just a quiz around everyday things, but when transformed by the variety of Vietnamese, it is extremely difficult.

The same kind of puzzle with the name, find the fruit, but there are dozens of questions forming. For example, using the appearance and properties of the fruit, for example “Toad skin covered with filter powder, filter powder wrapped with coal”, “blue skin prevents separation, famous for sourness”,…

However, the puzzles are increasingly improved by calling names with a synonym or meaning according to the name. It looks simple but it is extremely difficult to “eat”, try the question below to know:

What kind of fruit is the most accidental in the world?

From Vietnamese: Which fruit is the most AWESOME in the world?  - The familiar answer is easy for anyone to guess - Photo 1.

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Just looking at it, I can see that this question is too absurd, because “accidentally” is a word used to refer to a person without affection, emotion or compassion. Inanimate fruits can have this trait. But don’t give up, because this question is a charade, just associate the word “accidentally” with a similar name to get the answer right away.

And the answer to this question is: Avocado.

Avocado is a subtropical fruit, very popular in Vietnam with a rich and fatty taste, often eaten with salads or made smoothies. However, the word “avocado” in the name of this fruit is also close to the meaning of the word “accidentally”, meaning emotionless, indifferent.

Because of the use of this synonym, the question becomes more difficult than ever. So you see, even if you know this word, eat a lot of these fruits, it is not easy to conquer these Vietnamese sentences.

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