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Wife dresses sexier since working at a garment company

I have a wife and two children with enough routine, life before was very happy. Since the economy was difficult, I let my wife go to work.

In the company, there is a man who often helps my wife from the smallest things, the kind of volunteering to do what my wife wants. At work, we have to meet and support each other, so my wife often actively communicates and talks about big and small issues in the family and in society.

Wherever the wife or that person goes to eat, they take pictures and send them to each other, things that are not related to work that the wife also shares with that person. The image of me in my wife is no longer the same as before, the husband and wife relationship is also boring. The wife’s temperament changed, dressing more sexy than before. The almost wife’s concern for that person.

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I talked to my wife, she told me I’m jealous, the two of them have nothing but work. Should I follow my wife again? Do I love my wife so I can’t think freely? I feel that my wife’s love for me is no longer the same as before. Hope to have your advice.


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