World “timeless” thousands of years in Asia

A team of scientists has studied the Mayiladumpara archaeological site in Tamil Nadu, the southernmost state of India and has made a “lifetime” discovery. According to the Deccan Herald, they have radiocarbon dating on organic materials found at the site where countless iron tools and weapons manufactured using the latest technology have been unearthed.

The results were absolutely shocking: the weapons date back to 4,200 years ago. This means that the Iron Age here began hundreds of years earlier than the known “timeless” civilizations of the world in the Near East, Egypt, and Greece.

Shocking discovery: 'Timeless' world  thousands of years in Asia - Photo 1.

At the 4,200 years mark before that, even the rest of the world was still largely Stone Age, 1,000-2,000 years later or even more passed the Bronze Age and much longer after that. produce iron.

Sheet Ancient Origins quoted Mr. Muthuvel Karunanidhi Stalin, Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu: “The earliest Iron Age site in Tamil Nadu is 1,500 BC, while other sites in the country all exceed 2,000 BC. There are many many question as to why there is no scientific evidence for the use of iron even though it is mentioned in ancient texts and there is rich iron ore in Salem region (in Tamil Nadu). I have proof.”

Dating shows that these iron weapons were manufactured using the same modern technology as 2,172 BC, meaning the Iron Age here may have started even earlier than that.

The dating was carried out by Beta Analytic laboratory in Miami (Florida – USA), one of the most prestigious archaeological research facilities in the world.

In addition, scientists also found another set of weapons from 1615 BC.

According to Stalin, ancient texts and other evidence suggest that the early use of iron helped the people of Tamil Nadu turn dense forests into fertile farming areas, possibly the source of a thriving agricultural activity. in the area.

The history of Tamil Nadu is of great interest as it was now the seat of the great Tamil Empire, which was at its peak from the fourth century BC, recognized as the Golden Age of regional cultural achievement. South India. The territory of Tamil extended as far as present-day Sri Lanka, with a civilization based on bustling cities and thriving commerce.

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