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33% of mobile apps fall into oblivion and are vulnerable to hacking

Up to one third of mobile applications written for Android and iOS are no longer updated with security, potentially posing many risks to information security.

According to the plan, Google and Apple will soon remove nearly 1.55 million mobile applications on 2 software stores Play Store and App Store. These are all programs that have not been updated in more than two years.

Millions of apps on App Store, Play Store have not been updated in the past 2 years

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Page Phone Arena The above figure accounts for more than one-third of the total amount of software that exists on the two largest mobile platforms world. Including 869,000 apps on the Play Store (for Android) and 650,000 programs on the iOS App Store.

Security research shows that software that has not received updates within the last 2 years is at risk of being attacked by hackers. The two “tech giants” both have policy specifically when working with developers on dealing with programs that have been “abandoned” by the publishers themselves. Play Store will automatically stop showing users for software that is not up to date and will not return results in search engines.

Meanwhile, Apple also removed neglected software after 2 years since the last update on App Store. In fact, the volume of applications listed as “forgotten” is extremely large, but 68% of these (equivalent to 3.1 million pieces of software) are updated at least once in a 2-year time frame. . The main forgotten category is EducationGames…

The most updated apps are usually the ones with the most downloads. Analytics firm Pixalate found that 84% of software with over 100 million downloads is updated at least every 6 months. In contrast, the number of apps is considered to be completely forgotten, not updated in the past 5 years up to 314,000.

A small number of independent developers expressed their displeasure with the above policies of Google and Apple. They think their mobile apps are still working fine and don’t need to be updated for a long time, thus feeling unfairly targeted.

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