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4 blind spots of love that women often suffer

Blind love is a negative emotion, making women so dependent on their partners that they forget themselves.

There are 4 signs to know if you are a blind person in love or not.

When you love, you have to sacrifice yourself

Many women do not have a clear opinion or opinion in love. Not only that, they also create illusions about their lover, putting all their hope and faith in each other.

When a woman falls in love blindly, she will not see the other person’s true self. Whenever men make mistakes, they are soft-hearted, forgiving, and justifying themselves. If men are indifferent, they use the excuse that the other person is busy. If you are betrayed, you think that you are not good yourself. Every little mistake of the other person will be made innocent by them. They don’t feel pain, or they volunteer to suffer. If you enter a marriage with such a mentality, soon the marriage will become hell.

Many women create illusions about their lover, putting all their hope and faith in the other person.  Illustration: ttsp.tv

Many women create illusions about their lover, putting all their hope and faith in the other person. Illustration: ttsp.tv

Thinking that it will change the nature of the other party

Many women think that the man they love can be changed when the two are together. However, that was unthinkable.

In 2016, research conducted by Angela Bahns – an associate professor of psychology at Wellesley University and Chris Crandall – a professor of psychology at the University of Kansas (USA) investigated the question: Can a person change who he or she is? themselves for the person they love or not?

The results of the study, published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, show: “Although the idea of ​​mutual influence between partners is at the heart of our research, we discovered that a partner’s personality, attitudes, and values ​​hardly changed one’s behavior.”

It is very difficult for people in a love or marriage relationship to change each other, no matter how long it takes. The lesson for women to remember is that if love is wrong, stop at the right time. The more you try, the more you suffer.

3. Regardless of opposing backgrounds, as long as two people love each other

Marriage must look at the family situation, that’s why the old people have the saying “Mon sign for the opposite”.

Some people disagree with this view because it is not true. “Even Cinderella can still marry a prince” or “A lot of rich ladies still marry those poor boys and children?”. But in fairy tales, no one has mentioned whether after marrying the prince, Cinderella lived really happy or not. Nor did anyone give a specific example of whether a rich lady really got along with a husband from a poor family.

In marriage, there are not only the moon, stars and flowers in the sky, but also the rice, oil, and salt of reality. If you want to see each other in these trivial matters, you must choose people whose values ​​are similar to yours. In marriage, do not ignore the problem of inequality between two families.

4. Treat yourself like a slave, but treat your opponent like an emperor

Women who love blindly are obsessed with the fear of being abandoned. They cannot accept that their lives will not be with the other. They see each other as an indispensable part, someone they must possess absolutely. They forget about family, friends, career because they are always busy with their man.

The more afraid of losing a lover, being overly dependent, and worshiping the other person will corrupt love and women themselves when in love. Blindness in love makes women delusional about their place in the relationship. They think that they are prioritized, but in fact they are not important, even deceived or looked down upon. At that time, the most disadvantaged and vulnerable people are the weaker sex.

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