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5 wrong ways to save money that will cost you more money

How to be save It is one of the issues that many people are concerned about. Because, this is one of the most practical ways to accumulate wealth as well as a foundation for sustainable personal finance. However, not all savings methods are correct. On the contrary, there are ways to save money that will cost you even more.

1. Buy things just for the “discount”

Buying things at a discount is one of the ways many people choose to cut their budget. But, if you only buy an item because it’s on sale without needing, or even touching, it, you’re wasting that money rather than saving it.

To avoid making costly mistakes money Because of this method, make a list of essentials and must buy before each big sale. If the item is not on the list, no matter how much the discount, never buy it. This advice applies to all products, from furniture to clothing to food.

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2. Bulk purchase of perishable, close-to-date products

Near-out-of-stock, perishable products will often be sold at a “softer” price. This is also a way to help you save a lot of money when shopping while still using quality products. However, if you buy too much – more than necessary, you may regret it later.

Because, although these products are cheap, they spoil very quickly. Buying in bulk but not using it in time will cause you to throw away a lot because the product is damaged. Please only buy these products in moderate quantities, enough to use.

3. Self-healing at home

Usually, when people are sick with not very serious symptoms, people often catch the disease and buy medicine or self-medicate. Methods such as drinking warm water, taking a hot bath, eating porridge… can make you feel a little better, but don’t be subjective.

There are diseases that are not very worrying at first, but can progress very quickly, causing harm to your health at any time. Saving money like this can affect your health and cost you more money than you think.

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4. DIY hair

With small changes to the look, you can do it yourself to save money, but if you want to change your hairstyle, it is best to go to the salon. Don’t make yourself “pay the price” for one minute of excitement. In addition to accidentally cutting your hair, losing time to wait for your hair to grow again, you can also damage your hair, which cannot be saved if you dye, bleach, curl at home… Instead of “trying to eat sticky rice”, you can consider Get a haircut at a place where the price is right for you.

5. Buy cheap mattress

Do you know how much a quality mattress costs? It will range from a few million to several tens of millions.

This huge amount of money is often passed on by people thinking it is a waste. However, sleep is a very decisive factor in your health. Investing in a good quality mattress can give you a good night’s sleep and protect your back and spine. So, instead of buying a cheap mattress, you should invest in a product with good quality and longer life.

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