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A ‘breakthrough’ strategy for schools in the digital university race

Vietnam’s educational technology ecosystem is undergoing drastic changes. Applying a specialized technology solution for education on a technology platform like AWS is the secret to helping schools dominate the digital university race.

Digital university – a “hot” race between universities

In 2022, Vietnam’s educational technology ecosystem will continue to change according to the technological innovation cycle. In that context, leading universities in Vietnam are also moving towards digital universities. This will be an important transformation in strengthening the digital capacity of teachers and learners, thereby standardizing and developing a variety of digital learning materials, and solving challenges from the education industry.

Digital transformation of university training is the form of providing teaching and training services in the digital environment and through technology platforms such as artificial intelligence, big data, augmented reality, etc. meet the following criteria: personalize the training process, train anytime, anywhere, train at the same time on a large scale, serve a variety of training needs (retraining, advanced training, full-time training). life…), optimize training time with guaranteed quality. Therefore, in order to gain the upper hand in enrollment and training, universities are constantly racing in the journey to digital university. And the key point to accelerate the “digital race” is to find the most suitable and optimal modern technology platform.

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Benefits of implementing Digital University

AWS cloud – technology platform for digital university

According to experts, the basic foundation of digital transformation in education is the physical infrastructure, information infrastructure, specialized digital database, etc. To form a digital university, the first thing is to put all the Lectures by lecturers and all university activities in the digital environment. And in order to build and develop this digital ecosystem, the school needs to prepare a database system, data lake and modern technology platforms, network infrastructure and specialized solutions.

In order to help schools have the right and most optimal digital university building strategy, CMC Telecom cooperates with AWS and AI-Soft to organize the webinar “EduTech: Building a Digital University on the AWS Platform” in 9:30 a.m. on May 18, 2022. Leading experts will share an overview of new educational technology trends, how to apply the most modern technology solutions on the AWS platform to improve efficiency. , productivity for management, enrollment, training anytime, anywhere, serving the diverse training needs of universities in the digital environment.

Link to register to participate: https://event.cmctelecom.vn/edutech

Contact information: Hotline – 0399.858.346 VND

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Experts share at the conference “EduTech: Building a Digital University on the AWS Platform”

CMC Telecom is currently a strategic partner and one of the leading AWS solution providers in the Vietnamese market. As an Advanced Tier Services of AWS with a team of Cloud experts with full AWS Professional certifications and 14 years of experience serving more than 20,000 customers, CMC Telecom will bring fully qualified human and infrastructure capabilities to provides AWS services of the highest standards.

AI-Soft is a spin-off technology unit from the Innovation Center of the Academy of Posts and Telecommunications, operating in the field of higher education digital transformation. The unit has applied advances in advanced digital technology such as cloud computing, big data… to optimize the entire business process such as enrollment, training management, human resource management or scientific research. learn.

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