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Being criticized by his lover for his poor “uncle”, Hanoi youth decided to “revenge” with massage, the unexpected ending after a month

MSc. Nguyen Van Duc

MSc. Dr. Nguyen Van Duc – Department of Urology Surgery – Andrology (St. Saint Paul General Hospital) said that the doctor had just received and intervened for a young man admitted to the hospital in a state of injury “small penis, the cause is This is because I use this machine to massage this part every day with the desire that my “brothers” grow up faster.

Accordingly, this 25-year-old man in Hanoi had sex with his girlfriend, but from the first time he was close, he was “cowardly” because his lover criticized his small penis. Since that time, although the dating story has continued, the two have not done “sex” again.

Since his girlfriend’s criticism, the young man went online to find out and decided to invest in buying a penis massage machine to do it himself at home. Every day outside of work time, the patient exercises very hard, the only purpose is to hope that the “little boy” grows up quickly. After about a month of diligent practice, the young man’s penis began to swell, hurt and appear purple under the skin. When the pain increased, the patient went to the hospital for examination and treatment.

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Duc said that men with male problems should go to a specialist to avoid self-improvement of the “little boy”.

The German doctor said that, in addition to self-massage at home, there are many cases of hospitalization when upgrading the “penis” by silicone pumps, causing the “vagina” to be severely deformed, making it difficult to urinate and defecate. cannot relate.

According to a German doctor, the abuse of a massage machine can lead to hematoma, swelling, even crooked, traumatized penis, which directly affects sexual health later on. In addition, massaging the sensitive area with frequency many times will lead to orgasm disorder.

“In fact, the “small penis” massage machine can make users quickly achieve pleasure. However, if it continues for a long time, it will cause users to form a habit and when having sex with their partner, it will be difficult to get the desired pleasure, “said Dr.

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The size of the penis is not a determining factor in the “love” of couples. Illustration.

TS.BS Nguyen Dinh Lien – Head of the Department of Nephrology, Urology and Andrology (Hospital E) said that the size of the “small penis” depends on genetic factors, nutrition and physical condition of each person. Like humans, there are tall and short people, each person’s penis has a different length.

In addition, a man’s bravery depends on the depth of his intellect, not the length of the “little boy”. In sex, the length of the penis does not guarantee happiness, but there needs to be love between two people.

“The length of the penis is not a factor that completely determines whether the love is pleasurable or not, but the issue is how long the relationship lasts and whether the sexual techniques bring satisfaction. please for both or not”, doctor Lien advises.

Therefore, Dr. Lien recommends that men should not be too obsessive about the size of their “small penis” and then panic, worry, or learn and use unproven methods to increase size. Medical facilities that are not guaranteed to carry out measures to increase size can be very risky.

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