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Bring clothes to the neighbor’s sister’s house to wash them

Since the birth of the second child, my family’s clothes have increased, there is no place to dry. See that neighbor sister She told me to take the clothes to her washing machine to wash them less hard and dry quickly.

So this whole month, every day I bring a full basin of clothes there to do the laundry. Ms. Thuong is very kind and enthusiastic. Every time the washing machine is done, she also helps me out in the basin and calls me to take it home to dry.

Yesterday, when I went to pick up my things, Thuong gave me 4 gold threads, making me dumbfounded, not understanding what was going on? She said that when she took out the clothes, she saw 4 gold threads wrapped in a plastic bag in the washing machine. She guessed that my wife and I bought gold to keep in our pocket, forgot to take it out when we washed our clothes.

I said that even the money for food has to run every meal, where do you get the money to buy gold? I think it’s her husband’s gold, dropped in the washing machine. But Thuong said that every time she washes clothes for her husband and children, she also carefully checks all the bags, so it’s definitely not her family’s gold.

She told me to bring it back and ask my husband if it was his? I thought to myself, a husband with a monthly salary of 7 million will give his wife 6 million, where can I get the money to buy gold? Even so, I still took the gold and asked my husband.

In the evening when my husband came home from work, he rushed to the bathroom to search, then rummaged through the pile of dry clothes, I knew what he was looking for but still remained silent.

During the meal, the husband didn’t eat well, and the wife asked about it, and then she was dumbfounded. By the time I showed 4 gold threads in front of him, my husband came to his senses and confessed the truth.

It turned out that since moving to the new company, his salary was nearly 20 million, but only gave his wife 6 million to spend, the rest of the money, the husband used to buy gold and celebrate with colleagues in the company.

He told the association was 50 people, every month a colleague withdrew from the association. My husband’s number is final, after withdrawing he will buy land to build a house.

I told her husband to join the festival is also good, then the family will have a large amount of money. But my husband left me and my children too little money to spend. That amount is only enough to pay for daily meals, room rent and school fees. There is absolutely no money for milk and allowances for children.

Young children are not well nourished, later on, they will be tall and smart like their peers, so they will be very disadvantaged.

But her husband did not listen, still keeping the point of view of saving as much money as possible, what about? Living expenses family must live to a minimum. I really don’t know how to make my husband understand anymore!


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