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Children who are often told by their parents to do these 4 things are more likely to have early puberty

As a parent, perhaps there is no one who does not want their child to be born healthy, obedient and develop normally. However, in life, there are still countless things parents do that seem to have no effect, but turn out to put your child at risk. early puberty.

Children are often asked by their parents to do these 4 things very easily early pubertybone and joint damage and skin damage

1. Parents let their children wear tight clothes

Wear tight clothes that are meant for girls in their teenage years. But nowadays, it will not be too rare for children as young as 5 years old to have their parents wear tight clothes.

Children who are often told by their parents to do these 4 things are prone to early puberty, bone and joint damage and skin damage - Photo 1.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Tien Dung (Former Head of Pediatrics Department, Bach Mai Hospital) said that many people think that children dressed like that are beautiful, unintentionally making their children older before their age, increasing the risk of early puberty from psychophysiology.

Not to mention, wearing tight clothes continuously for a long time also affects the delicate skin of children. Children have sensitive skin. Wearing too tight, while the child is still active, inadvertently makes the already tight clothes even more uncomfortable. Sweating out due to exercise can also cause skin inflammation, unwanted skin irritation.

In addition, children are also susceptible to diseases vaginal infection even as a baby. The reason is because wearing too tight causes sweat to accumulate, breed bacteria and attack their private areas.

2. Parents let their children wear high heels

High heels are inherently inseparable objects for many women who want to build themselves a beautiful, elegant and gentle, mature image. Meanwhile, there are four and five-year-old children who have been equipped with shoes and high heels by their mothers to stand out and be more stylish.

Children who are often told by their parents to do these 4 things are prone to early puberty, bone and joint damage and skin damage - Photo 3.

According to Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Tien Dung, this inadvertently makes children also clearly older than their age. Wearing high heels too soon clearly makes children lose their childhood. While friends are still playing and naughty, your child – when wearing high heels and shoes – cannot play carefree because of too many inadequacies such as fear of falling, fear of pain…

Wearing high-heeled shoes too soon can especially cause bone and joint damage. Children are in the developing age, the height has not reached the maximum, this action can cause bone deformities.

Not to mention, even for adults, wearing high heels often makes the body put too much weight towards the toes. The toes are brought together closer, and for a long time, they are also deformed such as curved up, hooked down. The elbow joints of the toes become hard and painful. Normal people are like that, if your child is given away at a young age, how terrible will the consequences be?

“Children wearing high-heeled shoes will definitely hurt the ankle joints, leading to flat feet, increasing pressure on the baby’s pelvis. This is the most obvious visible consequence,” the expert confirmed.

3. Let your child apply lipstick

Many programs on TV and social networks are now carefree posting videos and clips of children applying lipstick. More importantly, many mothers also do this every day and voluntarily let their children use it just because they like it.

According to Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Tien Dung, this is also one of the actions to help promote early puberty in children. While many manufacturers repeatedly emphasize their products are extremely safe, can be used even for children … you should not let your children use that.

In addition to the risk of early puberty, this action is also easy for children to endocrine disorders. Regardless of whether it is a good or bad quality product, of clear or unclear origin… As long as you let the child arbitrarily apply plaster on the skin for a certain period of time, it will definitely lead to consequences. what a pity.

4. Let your child paint their fingernails and toenails

Every day, I follow this character and that character on the video page I like. Then, I was also led by my mother to paint my nails and toenails to look like my mother, to be beautiful… In fact, your child is only 5-7 years old, if you apply the beauty routine of adults to your child, for sure. put the baby at risk of early puberty.

Children who are often told by their parents to do these 4 things are prone to early puberty, bone and joint damage and skin damage - Photo 5.

Not to mention, in the composition of nail polishes, toenails are inherently unsafe for children. Nail polish contains colorants, film forming agents (nitrocellulose), organic solvents (butyl acetate or ethyl acetate), thickeners, color stabilizers…

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tran Hong Con (Faculty of Chemistry, University of Natural Sciences, VNU) said that the ingredients are derived from formaldehyde (plastic, adhesive), benzene (solvent), dibutyl phthalate (plasticizer). then the risk of causing cancer is very high, or causing endocrine disorders.

Meanwhile, less toxic substances such as camphor, used in combination with nitrocellulose to create a hard coating film can also irritate the lining of the eyes, nose, and mouth.

Advice for parents to prevent their children from having early puberty?

Parents should not arbitrarily let their children use lipstick, nail polish as well as wear tight clothes and high heels to prevent the risk of early puberty in children.

– If it is used to beautify the child, it should only be done when absolutely necessary.

– Infants and young children should absolutely avoid wearing tight clothes, wearing high-heeled shoes as well as applying lipstick, nail polish… In addition to the consequences of early puberty, which can easily form over time, there are also dangers. health as above. Even children at this age are more susceptible and more severe than older children.

– Carefully control the programs that your child watches every day. Be subtle, carefully recognize the “poisons” hidden deep in seemingly ordinary videos and clips.

– Regularly educate and remind children to avoid the risk of early puberty as well as to avoid losing their childhood. Take care of your children whenever possible, let them go out to play instead of holding phones and ipads. 20220515164259708.chn

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