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Children’s IQ declines when they grow up because parents have these 3 bad habits?

In fact, there are many children who are very intelligent in childhood but grow up pale, very ordinary, far from childhood. Why is there a decrease in the intelligence of these children?

After many years of research, scientists at Harvard University, USA have discovered that, except for people with a particularly high IQ, a person’s intelligence or not depends on living environment and habits. that man’s.

Due to the difference in education level and living habits of each person, the gap between people will be wider and wider. There are people who absorb well in the process of being taught, but there are also people who are influenced by negative things, making them increasingly less intelligent.

Among them, children’s living environment affects their IQ, especially the influence of parents. In particular, if parents have the following bad habits, it will adversely affect their children’s IQ.

1. There are many bad habits

There are some parents who often stay up late, always hold their phones, watch movies all night, refuse to clean the house… These bad habits of parents greatly affect their children.

For example, parents staying up late can disturb a child’s sleep. Some parents comfortably let their children stay up late, causing them to not get enough sleep.

Children's IQ declines when they grow up because parents have these 3 bad habits?  - first

2. Bad eating habits

There are children who imitate their parents who skip breakfast because they stay up late and wake up late. Some other children are picky eaters, do not pay attention to the balance of nutrition by their parents, causing them to eat too much or too little.

Children need a lot of nutrients during growth and development. If the child is not provided with enough nutrients, it will affect the development of the body and brain, causing the child’s IQ not to keep up with the physical development.

3. Negative energy

Children are very sensitive when they are young, if they live in a family with a lot of negative energy such as parents not getting along, arguing, being beaten, etc., children will change in a more negative direction.

In particular, there are some parents who often label their children. No matter how well you do, how good they are, they rarely praise but criticize. Over time, children will believe the labels their parents put on them, become more and more inferior, IQ and EQ also decrease.

Children's IQ declines when they grow up because parents have these 3 bad habits?  - 3

What should parents do to improve their children’s IQ?

– Cultivate good habits from a young age

Not only the parent’s educational method will affect the child’s intelligence, but the living habits also have a significant impact on the IQ.

Parents should train their children to have good living habits such as eating on time, going to bed early, getting up early… When children are well fed and rested, their intelligence will develop better.

– Take care of your children more

Parents should not care about every score but ignore the love life of their children. The fact that parents spend more time talking will significantly improve the parent-child relationship. Especially, when children enter puberty, their psychology and physiology change, that’s when parents need to pay more attention.

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