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Chinese social network bans copies of Elon Musk

Ma Yilong, a Chinese man who is considered a copy of Elon Musk, has just been banned by the Weibo social network from operating on this platform.

In addition, any videos related to this person and previously popular products will be removed.

When searching for the keyword Ma Yilong on Weibo, the results will show the message “This account is currently banned due to violating community rules”, according to CnEVPost.

Law firm Jincheng Tongda said that the reason why Yilong was banned was due to the use of AI technology to pair and swap faces in a series of videos about “Chinese version of Elon Musk”. This behavior may violate the right to use portraits and images of other individuals.

On May 11, American billionaire Elon Musk expressed his desire to meet his clone.

“I would love to meet this guy (if he really exists). It’s hard to recognize deepfakes these days,” Tesla boss responded on Twitter.

This comment of Musk attracted hundreds of thousands of likes and many different opinions. Some users agree with Musk on the development of products created from deepfake technology, according to SCMP.

A day later, Yilong replied back on his personal page. “I am here and want to see you too. You are my hero,” he wrote.

Weibo thank you for Elon Musk's star 1

Ma Yilong (left) often makes videos to catch Elon Musk’s steps (right). Photo: Insider.

Last December, Elon Musk commented that he might as well be “partly Chinese” after watching Yilong’s videos on TikTok.

Ma Yilong, also known as Elon Musk and Yi Long Musk, lives in Hebei province, Northern China. He often refers to himself as “Elon Musk’s younger brother”.

Yilong became famous at the end of last year when he posted a video on TikTok with the same face, posture, and outfit as the American billionaire.

He continued to capture Musk’s attention as a video of him standing next to a Tesla went viral. In the clip above, Yilong mentions Musk buying Twitter for 44 billion USD.

In another product, Yilong drank a bottle of Coca-Cola and wrote “I will sponsor 10,000 USD to help Musk buy Coco-Cola.” This video was released a few days after Musk joked about his intention to buy the US beverage giant.

According to SCMP, Ma Yilong could be a pseudonym since his name has the Mandarin pronunciation of Elon. While Ma also reads almost the same as Musk.

“Elon Musk’s clone” has 229,000 followers on TikTok, where he makes viewing videos, filming himself imitating the American billionaire. Whether Ma Yilong is a real person or just a product of technology still remains. has not been verified.

(According to Zing)

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